Weiss Spindle Repair / Weiss Spindle Replacement

Keep Operations Running Smoothly With Quality Weiss Spindle Repair and Replacement: The Weiss brand of spindles sets the standard for both quality and innovation. Because it has such a broad range of applications in the machine tool market, the Weiss spindle can be found in machines that grind, turn, drill or mill. This means equipment in many industries relies on the Weiss spindle to function properly. When a spindle malfunctions or breaks, the entire piece of machinery is typically forced to shut down until the spindle is repaired. Even a brief disruption to production or operations can mean a severe loss of project momentum and/or profits. If your business utilizes machines or pieces of equipment with a spindle, knowing how to handle Weiss spindle repair or Weiss spindle replacement can save you time and money.

Requirements for Weiss Spindle Repair

Weiss spindle repairAlthough its name sounds simple, the Weiss spindle is actually quite complex. Multiple components are involved, and each one must fit precisely in the spindle. Shafts, bearings, housing and motor windings are just some of the parts that must be inspected and analyzed so the exact repair needs can be accurately determined. While it can be tempting to fix one component and think the problem is solved, it is usually smarter to have experienced technicians disassemble the entire spindle and check everything. Due to the complexity of the spindle, it is possible to have broken components or faulty pieces hidden by other parts.

Some types of necessary spindle services include:

  • Spindle and bearing repair
  • Vibration analysis
  • Statistical reports
  • Spindle taper grinding

Weiss spindle repair usually involves replacing at least one damaged part prior to reassembling the spindle, and there are multiple types of spindles depending on the function of the machine. This means intricate knowledge of each spindle is necessary because the process and parts for repairing a motor lathe spindle will be different from those needed for a standard motor milling spindle. After the repair is completed, be sure the spindle is professionally tested before reinserting it into a piece of machinery.

When To Replace a Weiss Spindle

In the event multiple parts are broken or faulty, complete re-manufacturing might be necessary. When your spindle is in this condition, you can still save money by having the current components tested to make sure you’re not replacing perfectly good parts. When you use a professional spindle service, critical components can be reverse engineered to help you save more money. You can also take advantage of spindle upgrade services while your spindle is in the shop. Taking advantage of the benefits the latest in technology and materials has to offer can allow your spindle to be more effective and help you improve production.

Once a strategy has been formed for the rebuild, new parts need to be ordered and the spindle will have to be completely taken apart and refurbished. It is important to use new parts compatible with the existing parts so as not to put unnecessary stress on the spindle as it moves. A professional spindle repair service might be able to lower your costs by obtaining quality OEM parts more directly from manufacturers. It can be best to use a spindle repair service that does everything in-house and on-site. This allows you to get your working spindle back much quicker since nothing has to be sent away to third-party technicians.

Trust Your Spindle Repair To Professionals

When you have a broken spindle, let the industry-leading professionals at Superior Spindle Services fix it. With Superior Spindle, you can count on expertly trained technicians and engineers committed to saving you money by keeping your equipment operating and maximizing its performance while reducing downtime. Call us today at (734) 224-4778 or visit our website to request a quote and alert us to your needs.


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