Fanuc Robodrill

Restore your CNC machine and enjoy cutting edge quality with minimal downtime with Fanuc Robodrill spindle repair by Superior Spindle Service. Find out how we can repair, rebuild or replace your Fanuc Robodrill spindles.

Whether you’re a manufacturer in the automotive, mold manufacturing, agriculture or aerospace industries, we’re ready to restore the spindle on your CNC machine.

Signs You Need Spindle Repairs

Just like any other brand of CNC components, Fanuc Robodrill spindles have a limited lifetime. After heavy use, these high-performance parts will begin to wear and affect the quality of your workpieces. Here are some common signs to look for when considering whether you need spindle repair or spindle replacement:

  • Spindle mouth wear
  • Issues with finish quality
  • Unusual vibrations
  • Toolholder fretting
  • High spindle temperatures

Any one of these signs requires expert assistance and repair. A worn-out spindle is operating inefficiently and, if left unchecked, can compromise your work quality or damage other CNC machine components.

Not all inefficiencies cause a complete breakdown. Don’t wait until your CNC machine ceases to operate, but inspect it periodically for signs of wear or imprecise movements. If you’re unsure, ask a technician to inspect your equipment to verify tolerances and suggest repair or rebuild services as necessary.

Our Process

Fanuc Robodrill

At Superior Spindle Service, we offer industry-leading repair services that meet your deadlines. We start with evaluation and teardown, where we determine the cause of the issue and carefully disassemble your component. Once we find the issue, we follow our ISO-documented repair and replacement service. Choose either standard or expedited repairs to reduce downtime and hit your manufacturing goals.

We tear down your spindle in our safe storage facility to ensure your spindle remains clean and free from damage. Our expert technicians use Fanuc Robodrill replacement components or equal aftermarket options. We’re confident in our abilities to restore your spindle, so we offer equal warranty as Fanuc Robodrill provided.

Work with a leader in industrial services. As an ISO-certified repair facility, we offer these reliable services for your spindles:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Bearing repair
  • ISO and DIN standard taper grinding
  • Detailed reporting

Thanks to precision machine shop equipment, we’re confident our repair process can create spindles capable of holding tolerances to one micron. Few facilities can offer the same precision performance as our team.

If your equipment is operating inefficiently, we can inspect it to see if there are any improvements to offer. We test optimal tolerances and can rebuild your spindle to improve the quality of your process. Even if your equipment is still operating, find out if we can make it more efficient.