Serving customers throughout North America, Superior Spindle is proud to provide precision CNC spindle rebuild and design upgrade services. No matter the problem, we’re here to help you restore your CNC machine with minimal downtime. 

The spindle is a key mechanical component of the CNC that is designed for rotary motion. As an integral part of the CNC machine, the spindle does a lot of the work and can experience quite a bit of wear and tear. If you’ve noticed damage or signs of failure in your spindle, contact us today to request a free evaluation. Our ISO-certified team will let you know whether a full rebuild, repair, or replacement is best for your situation.

What Is a CNC Spindle Rebuild?

A CNC spindle rebuild is a process that involves replacing all or most components of the spindle, including bearings, O-rings, and preload collars. Every rebuild is done in our HEPA cleanroom to prevent contamination, and we can even help you upgrade your spindle’s existing design. All new components are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Spindle being tested

Spindle Repair Versus Spindle Rebuild

In a repair, our team is only replacing or fixing components that were damaged.

In a complete rebuild, we are replacing or upgrading all or most components to ensure your spindle functions like-new. In some cases, a rebuild is required to ensure complete efficiency.

Whether we complete a repair or a rebuild, we guarantee high-quality service with minimal downtime.

Benefits of a Spindle Rebuild

  • Restored Factory Original Performance
  • Affordable Alternative to Complete Replacement
  • Improved Cycle Time
  • Long-Lasting Components