Repair and Reconditioning of Franz Kessler Spindles and Motors

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Your Preferred Choice for Kessler Spindle Repair and Kessler Motor Repair:

No one needs to tell you that when you buy a motor or spindle system, it represents a significant investment. You consequently want a high-quality motor or spindle that will wear well over time. However, even the best spindles require maintenance, repair, or even reconditioning. This is where Superior Spindle’s Spindle Repair Service has your back.

We have the resources, as well as an experienced staff of technicians and customer representatives, to serve your every Kessler spindle or Kessler Motor need. In addition, we have full access to parts for virtually all spindles from ASC to Yoyo. All of this assures you that your Franz Kessler spindle repair will be cost-effective and done right the first time.

Kessler Spindle Re-manufacturing Services

When your Franz Kessler spindles require re-manufacturing, Superior Spindle repair can do that. Our five-step analysis process, which we do prior to any repair work, includes the following:

  1. Incoming vibration analysis
  2. Assembled spindle inspection
  3. Disassembled spindle inspection
  4. Bearing condition
  5. Engineering recommendations


Finding out exactly what problems your Kessler spindle or Kessler Motor has is the first step of the process. Our experienced technicians thoroughly inspect and examine each spindle, including doing an incoming vibration analysis that assesses the bearing condition, level of unbalance, and the non-repetitive runout.