At Superior Spindle, we offer comprehensive DMG Mori + Mori Seiki spindle repair, rebuild and replacement services to promptly restore your manufacturing process. Reduce downtime and enjoy long-lasting spindle performance by choosing Superior Spindle for all your DMG Mori spindle needs.

DMG Mori + Mori Seiki Spindles We Service

DMG Mori

This leading corporation produces leading spindles used in a variety of manufacturing equipment. Here are just a few DMG Mori + Mori Seiki spindle categories we’re experienced in repairing, rebuilding and replacing:

  • CTV
  • NEF
  • GMC
  • DMU
  • DMF
  • HSC
  • And more

We work with every variation of these spindle categories and provide quality solutions to restore your manufacturing facility. Enjoy reduced maintenance issues with high-quality testing, repairs and rebuilds by Superior Spindle.

If you don’t see the exact model or category of DMG Mori spindle, discuss your exact spindle model with our professional team. We service a wide range of spindles and are confident that we have the experience and resources necessary for your unique spindle repair needs.

Spindle Testing

First, we use our state-of-the-art spindle testing process to accurately diagnose any issues with your DMG Mori + Mori Seiki spindle. Spindles undergo harsh conditions during normal operation, so it’s essential to determine the source of any inefficiency or reduced performance.

After we safely remove your DMG Mori spindle, we evaluate and disassemble it to find any issues. Geometric inspections ensure every part is flawlessly balanced and set to OEM specifications. Any issue is solved with our machining and balancing capabilities, as well as our extensive inventory of replacement parts.