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Superior Spindle was founded over 10 years ago. Since our founding, we’ve been committed to providing fast, high-quality, ISO-certified spindle repair services to manufacturers in many sectors across the United States and Mexico. Our factory-trained team can repair spindles from all major brands, including Chiron.

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Models We Service

Superior Spindle can service all models of Chiron spindles, including but not limited to:

  • FZ 08 S
  • DZ 08 S
  • DZ 12 S
  • FZ 12 S
  • FZ 15 S
  • DZ 15 S
  • FZ 18 S
  • DZ 18 S
  • DZ 25 S
  • DZ 25 P
  • MILL 800

Our Capabilities

Machine Spindle Repair

Standard Repairs

We provide all types of spindle repairs, including bearing replacement, shaft repairs, motor coil rewinding, drawbar repairs, error compensation, and balancing.

Our standard turnaround time is between 10 and 14 days. All repaired spindles are guaranteed to meet OEM specifications and performance standards.

Expedited Repairs

If you’re experiencing an emergency, we can provide expedited services with lead times as fast as 24 hours, depending on part availability.


We also provide rebuilds for situations where multiple components need to be replaced or upgraded to ensure they meet OEM performance requirements. When you submit your spindle repair form, one of our team members will let you know if a rebuild is the most cost-effective solution for you.

Our Repair Process

We follow a stringent ISO 9001-certified process that includes:

  1. Free Disassembly & Evaluation: All spindles are disassembled and evaluated in a HEPA Class 10,000 classroom to prevent contamination. During evaluation, our technicians photograph each spindle component, check for signs of internal and external damage, and perform an optical analysis and TIR measurements using our ABTech Microform rotary table.
  2. Failure Analysis Report: After we’ve completed our evaluation, we’ll send you a Failure Analysis Report along with a quote. The report will include information about the components that need to be repaired or replaced, the probable cause of spindle failure, our recommendations, and an estimated timeline.
  3. Repairs: When you approve your quote, one of our specialized technicians will start your repair or rebuild project. All defective components are replaced with OEM parts. We may provide machining and grinding if necessary. All repairs are performed in our cleanroom.
  4. Testing & Balancing: At Superior Spindle, we thoroughly test all repaired or rebuilt spindles in environments that mimic normal and extreme operating conditions. This is done to ensure your spindle performs optimally and meets OEM specifications. Spindle tests may include vibrational testing, thermal analysis, and geometric inspections. Additionally, we follow ISO 1940-1:2003 (E) requirements when balancing spindles.
  5. Final Quality Assurance Inspection: ur quality assurance team will perform a final inspection before we ship your spindle back to you. Once our team has determined that your spindle functions and operates optimally, we will process your spindle for shipping.
  6. Free Shipping: When we ship your spindle, we also include a report that highlights which components were repaired or replaced, the length and results of each performed test, installation recommendations, and maintenance tips. Additionally, we back all repairs and rebuilds with a one-year warranty that starts on the day we ship your component back to you.

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