Spindle Taper Grinding

When your machine spindles wear out or need servicing, choose a company that delivers fast, flexible, and precise results. At Superior Spindle, we proudly offer the highest quality spindle grinding services for a wide range of industries. Find out today how we can help you with your spindle taper grinding and other spindle needs.

What Are the Benefits of Taper Grinding?

Regular taper grinding improves workplace efficiency by ensuring that all spindles are operating correctly. As Superior Spindle’s team grinds their clients’ spindles, the technicians also take them apart and test them to make sure that they’re sturdy. They may find and address problems that clients were not aware of yet. Rather than waiting for efficiency numbers to tank, businesses should request spindle grinding as soon as their production slows down.

Another benefit of taper grinding is that after businesses invest in it, they save money on their machinery. When their spindles are worn out, they can’t hold cutting instruments steady, and they’re more likely to create friction with the rest of the machine, leading to more breakdowns and repairs. The spindle grinding team fulfills original equipment manufacturer specifications and replaces any parts that cannot be fixed. That way customers don’t have to pay for another machine or extensive damages in the future; they just need to cover these repairs.

Spindle grinding also results in more accurate cutting. The team doesn’t take apart entire machines; it only disassembles each spindle and its housing. This practice means that they don’t change each machine’s alignment, so the calibration is not affected. Instead, each machine’s accuracy improves through the combination of an efficient spindle and the correct alignment. 

Industries Serviced

Your CNC machines need maintained spindles for accurate and efficient production. Whether you create components for the aerospace, automotive, mold or agriculture industries we’ll provide the spindle services you need.

spindle taper grinding

Some spindles require highly specialized taper grinder services. Others are more versatile and utilize common tapers. Our technicians provide thorough evaluation, inspection and spindle repair, and spindle replacement in each of these industries and more. If you need precise spindles for precise manufacturing, be sure to keep up on your spindle maintenance.

Because each spindle is unique, our team is experienced with working with a range of spindle sizes, shapes and designs. If you need spindle grinding repairs, replacement for a spindle that isn’t being used in one of these industries, contact us for more information. We can work with you to find a quality solution for any industry.

Spindle Grinding

Because of extreme radial loads, high torque and frequent tool changes, your spindle taper may wear down quickly. Without proper contact between your tool holder and spindle ID taper, you may experience decreased performance, tool run out and tool chatter.

spindle grinding

Don’t let a worn-down spindle compromise the precision of your CNC machine. Our comprehensive spindle taper grinding repair services can restore your spindle to OEM conditions. Other services include repairing damaged spindles, replacement irreparable components and adapting spindles to fit your CNC machine.

While our spindle repair services are flexible to provide personalized care, the repair process typically includes these steps:

  • Evaluation: Our qualified technicians will inspect your spindle to understand the exact function, composition and assembly.
  • Disassembly: Our HEPA climate-controlled clean room allows us to carefully disassembly your spindles in a contaminant-free environment.
  • Preparation: Once cleaned, your spindle will be repaired and serviced for long-lasting performance.
  • Quality Assurance: Each spindle goes through a rigorous process of testing and retesting to ensure maximum efficiency and durable performance. Your spindle must meet or exceed OEM standards before it is shipped back to you.

In extreme cases, cleaning and grinding aren’t enough to fully repair your spindle. In these instances, we use hardened inserts for your spindle taper to provide factory-level performance for your spindle. Ask us about your particular spindle brand. We service all major brands and are experienced in working with smaller, more specialized brands and styles of spindles.

Quality Assured

Discover the reason we’re the preferred spindle grinding service for Motor City manufacturers. Our technicians are ISO certified to provide unparalleled precision and reliability. Whether you need a single spindle repaired or a complete overhaul of your stock for all your CNC machines, we provide responsive services.

Without taper grinder and other spindle repair services, you’ll need to invest in new spindles. Replacement spindles not only cost more than repair services, but it may also take additional time to ship specialized spindles from the manufacturer. Enjoy long-lasting performance without the cost of new spindles.

Some older CNC machines may have outdated spindles that are no longer being manufactured. Repair services can breathe new life into your old machine and help you save money to invest in a new machine for greater performance.

Why Superior Spindle for Taper Grinding?

At Superior Spindle, each technician treats clients’ machines holistically, examining all the relevant components instead of leaving after they grind the spindle. This involves carefully examining each machine, taking apart its spindle, cleaning the spindle, handling repairs, and testing the finished product. 

They are also dedicated to using a cleanroom to handle each spindle’s disassembly. This cleanroom meets all the standards for high-efficiency particulate air, so clients do not need to worry about tiny particles getting into their equipment. Fuel spills, trapped hairs, and mixed-up parts are also not an issue thanks to the HEPA cleanroom’s secure environment.

Finally, Superior Spindle’s team is full of experienced, well-trained technicians. They all hold certificates from the International Organization for Standardization, and they undergo extensive training before they handle any clients’ spindle grinding. 

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If you need comprehensive and high-quality spindle grinding, service and repair, contact us today to receive an estimate or schedule a service. Superior Spindle is dedicated to providing fast, efficient and precise repairs for your CNC machining spindles. Whether your manufacturing facility is nearby in Michigan or across the country, we can provide you with the services you need.


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