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Gros-Ite Spindle has been a trusted, highly-respected name in engineered products and assemblies, including premium spindles, since 1946. 

They are not only known for Gros-Ite precision spindle design but their exceptional build and repair capabilities. EDAC/Grose-Ite Spindle has a global customer base, serving the aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial, commercial, and machine tool industries.

We are proud to welcome this enduring, highly-respected brand to our Superior Spindle family.

Gros-Ite Spindle Manufacturing

Gros-Ite Spindle utilizes high-precision off-the-shelf bearings in their variable preload system. That mitigates the physical liability of angular contact type of bearings.

The preload is varied to ensure optimal operating capacity. As a result, it minimizes vibration while maximizing spindle stiffness.

They have also developed a patented composite material spindle, housing, and shaft insert for optimal performance. Benefits include:

  • Reduced weight of the spindle
  • Reduced static deflection at the nose
  • Reduced thermal axial expansion 
  • Increased static and dynamic stiffness
  • Increased vibration dampening
  • Improved critical speed range

One of the standout products Gros-Ite developed is the Holo-Rol™ Bearings. These feature hollow cylindrical rollers preloaded in the bearing instead of solid rollers.

Holo-Rol™ Bearings are leveraged for a wide variety of machine tool spindles or workhead spindles and have been used for over two decades in centerless grinders.

They provide several advantages over regular bearings, such as:

  • Higher speed capability
  • High radial stiffness
  • Very low radial runout
  • Vibration damping