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Based in Taylor, MI, Superior Spindle provides ISO-certified GMN spindle rebuild services to customers throughout the United States and Mexico. We have been a trusted name for over 17 years, and take pride in delivering quality products to our customers.

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Save Money With a GMN Spindle Rebuild

GMN spindle diagram

When you have a spindle that is failing, you could simply replace it. However, compared to a rebuild, a replacement will usually take more time, and may even be more expensive. Contacting the OEM and waiting for a part could take weeks. We know that downtime is not an option for many manufacturers—if you’re concerned about losing time and money, contact us today to request a rebuild quote.

Opt for a Rebuild If Your Spindle Is Irreparable

GMN spindle

In some situations, it’s impossible to repair a GMN spindle, especially if it has undergone significant wear. In this type of situation, opt for a GMN spindle rebuild over a full replacement. 

As previously mentioned, it can take some time to receive an OEM replacement part in the mail, and they’re often expensive. This is especially true when dealing with older or obsolete equipment.

You can count on Superior Spindle to help you. We can rebuild all types of GMN spindles, and will help you efficiently restore any failing components.