High-speed CNC machinery represents a sizable cost investment for manufacturers. The beating heart of this essential industrial equipment is spindles. Because performance depends on micrometer-level precision, preventative spindle maintenance and high-quality spindle repairs or spindle replacements are vital for long-term operation.

Spindle repair process

How can you identify true professionals that provide excellent spindle repair? The key is to understand each of the steps that great ISO-documented repair technicians, such as our certified team members at Superior Spindle, should follow. If they do, it’s a sign they take your company, and its machinery, very seriously.


While you need repairs completed as soon as possible, good technicians set aside sufficient time to evaluate CNC spindles prior before beginning disassembly. No two spindles are exactly alike, and neither is the manufacturing or aerospace role they’re required to play.

Top spindle repair companies will perform a preliminary inspection to determine a few vital factors:

  • The spindle’s unique function
  • The part’s overall condition and wear
  • Preliminary suppositions regarding the cause of failure
  • Any unique assembly features

Professional technicians take this visual and tactile inspection beyond the surface. They record every detail of their findings in careful digital records.


Once the purpose, method of functioning and form of the spindle are clearly understood, disassembly technicians begin taking it apart in a HEPA climate-controlled clean room designed to prevent contamination. Only complete disassembly is acceptable for repairs since every piece has to be inspected for a possible role in the original failure.

As the spindle is eventually separated into all of its components, each piece is carefully examined. In many cases, parts are also photographed or scanned digitally. This action functions as a secondary inspection, allowing technicians to get a closer look at the state of different areas of the spindle. This deeper analysis should shed light on the true cause of the failure, as well as any contributing factors, such as poor design or incorrect application.

Customer Communication

Trustworthy repair companies coordinate 100 percent with you, seeking authorization before ordering parts, beginning repairs or machining components. However, they should also be proactive, preparing a list of all parts needed, as well as lead time and repair time. Once you approve this quote, parts ordering and subsequent repairs can begin.

Cleaning and Preparation

Replacing faulty parts only and ignoring other components is a sign of shoddy work. Great spindle repair technicians take the time to leave every piece of the spindle in optimal condition using precise cleaning techniques. Machining or grinding is a possibility if operating specs require it.


Once all required replacement parts arrive, several technicians work side-by-side to reassemble the spindle with maximum precision. They work quickly but securely to ensure quality every step of the way. During assembly, they consult records to make sure that target operation is reached.


After complete parts assembly, it’s time to evaluate functionality. At this point, technicians analyze spindle performance in normal operation and more extreme conditions. This often means spindle vibration testing and thermal analysis.

Quality Assurance Check and Shipping

Even after repair technicians have signed off on the spindle, it still has one more stop to make: the quality assurance department. Here, the spindle undergoes a final inspection, and pertinent records are analyzed for precision.

Guarantee Optimal Performance With Trustworthy Motor City Spindle Repair

Automotive and aerospace manufacturers in Motor City depend on our highly experienced repair technicians at Superior Spindle. Careful analysis, state-of-the-art equipment and time-tested engineering expertise allow us to repair or rebuild spindles to meet or exceed OEM specs. Frankly, you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Take great care of your investment by contacting our experienced and trustworthy professionals for precision spindle repair in the United States. Contact us for assistance or request a quote for spindle repair.