Why Did My Spindle Fail?

All moving mechanical systems will eventually fail and require repair or replacement of different components. Even the best quality turning machines may suffer a spindle failure, especially when you consider that spindles can rotate as fast as 65,000 RPM or more for high-speed spindles.

A spindle must endure many cutting forces and tension from the turning belt along with bending, torsion and axial loads when in operation. You must also consider how the spindle operator approaches the geometry of the workpiece, including the approach angle, feed, and depth of cut on the spindle’s cutting components. All these forces and actions must be balanced, which can help your machines last longer and with fewer repairs.

Spindles are the workhorse of turning operations, so it makes sense to use the best spindle repair service, provider. Superior Spindle Service has the experience and expertise to keep your spindle operating at its highest with our comprehensive range of machine tool spindle remanufacture services.

Reasons why a Spindle Fails

There are also reasons why a spindle can fail prematurely that have nothing to do with the spindle’s service life. But, before you need a spindle repair, there should be some signs that your spindle is going bad. For instance, you may notice poor finishing on a specific axis as the spindle wears.

Wear and tear due to fretting is a very common sign caused by the tool holder slipping inside the spindle. Unusual noises, excessive vibration, or a spindle that gets noticeably hotter during machine operations are all signs of an impending spindle failure.

The list of reasons why a spindle fails can be attributed to operator error, how much contamination is in the environment, low-quality lubricants, or poor maintenance. Here are some common reasons why a spindle fails before it has reached it end-of-life cycle:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Air contamination
  • Machine mishandling
  • Incorrect Preload
  • Poor lubrication
  • Machine overload
  • Spindle imbalance
  • Drawbar Failures
  • Bearing Failures

All spindles are rated to operate under certain load conditions. Spindle operators must be aware of the spindle’s capacity and the machine’s age, all while balancing the part’s geometry with the spindle’s in-process thermal and cutting forces.

Why Superior Spindle for Spindle Repair?

The combined expertise and dedication to the quality workmanship of Superior Spindle’s management, engineers, and technicians are what sets us apart from the combination. Our company is sized just right, so we can deliver a comprehensive range of machine tool spindle remanufacturing services that are personalized to fit the needs of our customers.

Superior Spindle starts with unparalleled customer service because our business is making sure that your business stays productive and profitable. Here are some of the services we provide for machine and tool shops anywhere in the United States.

  • Spindle removal and replacement
  • Vibration analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Spindle remanufacturing
  • Spindle upgrade and re-engineering
  • Spindle reverse engineering services

At Superior Spindle Services, we provide both and services. And when your spindle operations are down during peak production periods, we will expedite services to get your spindle operator and machine up and running as fast as possible.

How to Prevent Spindle Failure

A good spindle should last at least 10 to 15 years under normal operating conditions. You can prevent most spindle failures by following a few simple maintenance procedures, like measuring the force of your spindle twice per year to prevent vibrations and running out due to a drop in force.

Always keep fluid levels at normal and use the manufacturer’s suggested, good-quality lubrication products that are free from contaminants. Make sure your spindle operators are monitoring the spindle’s vibration and heating, and report extremes of either condition immediately.

Just like your spindle’s lubricating system should be monitored and maintained, so should the spindle’s cooling system – especially those with chiller units that are needed in high-speed applications. Finally, you want to partner with a service provider like Superior Spindle Services that uses only certified repair technicians that follow quality control procedures to deliver a long-lasting spindle for your manufacturing processes.

Superior Spindle for all of your Spindle Services

At Superior Spindle Services, we have serviced the spindle machining operations for many industries, including automotive, aerospace, mold manufacturers, appliance, medical, and heavy construction equipment manufacturers. Our strengths are the constant reliability of our work, which results in the maximum quality and durability of your spindle machines.

To stay competitive, we use the most current technology and processes, and we meet all ISO specifications. Our facilities are equipped to meet the challenges that many of our customers face in being productive and profitable.