Our Leading Spindle Inspection Process

A compromised spindle creates diverse inefficiencies in your machining process. Over time, a minor maintenance issue can lead to a compromised spindle. Find out how a spindle inspection process by Superior Spindle can restore the OEM performance and extend the lifetime of your manufacturing components. While the exact repair components used to rebuild your spindle can vary, here are the steps we take to ensure rigorous inspections and repairs.

Our Testing Rooms

It all happens in one of our assembly rooms. These rooms are Class 10,000 HEPA cleanrooms with climate-controlled convenience. Rigorously cleaned and maintained rooms prevent any contamination during the testing and rebuild process. This increases the efficiency of our inspections and allows for repair and rebuild services that promote industry-leading quality.

Other testing conditions can adversely affect your spindle repair service. Contamination can prevent a secure seal, reduce lubrication efficiency or cause an imbalance in your spindle.

Geometric Inspections

The first step in our spindle inspection process is to carefully document the condition of your spindle. Documentation continues until the final report, so you know exactly what caused the spindle inefficiency and what our technicians did to restore it.

The disassembly process includes digital photos documenting every step. Our team carefully inspects every component for signs of irregular wear, contamination, lack of oil or other imperfections. These clues help us use the proper repair techniques and make recommendations about the maintenance of your spindle.

Repair & Balancing Services

We have the capabilities to replace, repair or re-manufacture any components your spindle may need. From a new seal to a full spindle body, our industry-leading repairs complement our spindle inspection process to maintain your equipment. We also balance spindles to ISO 1940-1:2003(E) specifications.

Our technicians undergo continued education using the Kaizen continuous improvement program. Maintain the latest spindle or an obsolete component with our full-service program. Grinding and manufacturing equipment prepare components with excellent tolerances for your industry needs.

Next, every spindle rebuild project undergoes a balancing process. A balanced spindle experiences less wear and bearing damage. It can also be used to create precision components with a reduced risk of error. A minor imbalance can cause unnecessary wear and reduce the precision of your workpieces.

Finally, your entire spindle is carefully rebuilt with OEM-recommended lubrication, new bearings, and assembly steps. Our disassembly documentation is also helpful during these steps. We have an extensive inventory of OEM replacement parts to rebuild your spindle, but our manufacturing team is also capable of creating the necessary components to restore OEM performance.

Run-in Spindle Testing

The most rigorous rebuild processes can’t promise a fully functional spindle without run-in testing. You don’t have to worry about the capabilities of your rebuilt spindle, because our team will run it in a machine at operating speed. We start slowly and only incrementally build-up to this speed to avoid any unnecessary wear.

The entire process is carefully monitored and recorded to look for any signs of damage. Here are the primary factors that our run-in test monitors and tests:

  • Vibration
  • Operating speed
  • Temperature during operation
  • Critical runouts

Final runoff data is collected and included in the inspection report. Any necessary fine-tune balancing is performed before you receive your spindle. If necessary, the component is testing again in another run-in test to confirm full functionality.

Final Inspection Report

No disassembly, repair, rebuild or test is performed without thorough documentation. Our spindle inspection process ends with your spindle being securely shipped back to you and a detailed final report being sent. This report includes the disassembly process, any identified issues, the rebuild process, our test results and any recommended repair tasks.

Why Superior Spindle?

Quality repairs are about more than just providing a reliable solution to your spindle failure. We understand your business. We know how critical these operations are. We support your repair needs with an open repair line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.