Heavy-Duty Truck Axle Repair

A worn-out or damaged truck axle can leave you stranded on the side of the road or at your shop. Whether you’re operating a commercial class eight truck and trailer or a personal 3/4-ton pickup, discover how our mobile team at Superior Spindle offers innovative heavy-duty truck axle repair services in the United States.

Mobile Axle Repair Services

We have the facilities and expertise necessary to repair your truck axles. If you need mobile heavy-duty truck axle repair services, we’ll send an experienced technician to your location with the tools and resources necessary to replace, machine, or rethread your axle. It isn’t always practical to bring your axle to our location or to remove your heavy axle from your commercial or personal truck, so we bring our tools and resources to your roadside or shop location.

We handle all of our spindle and axle repairs in Class 10,000 HEPA clean rooms, so the disassembly, reassembly and testing are all performed at the strictest levels of quality control.

From the largest commercial truck axles to the smallest CNC spindles, our precision machine shop is capable of tolerances to one micron. Find out how our effective services can be used to handle common truck axle repair issues that you may experience at home, at the shop or on the road.

Common Truck Axle Repair Issues

Truck axles are faced with serious torque, shock, and other wear and tear. Here are some common reasons why you may need reliable heavy-duty truck axle repair services in the United States:

  • Cut off spindle
  • Loose spindle fit
  • Worn bearing journal

These issues can be the result of missing maintenance steps, a severe impact or years of heavy hauling. In addition to comprehensive repairs and testing, we can discuss any possible causes of your axle damage to help you get more out of your restored component.

Trucks aren’t the only vehicle that we service. Our comprehensive axle repair services are capable of restoring paving machines, skid steers, loaders, dump trucks, buses and agricultural equipment.

Our Heavy Duty Truck Axle Repair Process

We treat all of our projects with the same level of quality assurance and commitment to precision results. Your heavy-duty truck axle repair process starts with a full inspection of the system. We remove any necessary components to inspect and repair your axle or in our state-of-the-art facility.

Next, we replace any damaged components on your axle spindle. A cut off spindle requires a new seam to be welded and rethreaded. Our team uses dynamic testing procedures to verify a firm weld and a straight spindle. Don’t hit the road again until you’re confident that your axle is fully restored and ready to haul heavy loads.

Rethreaded the end of a spindle is an efficient way to restore a firm hold and long-lasting performance. We perform this service after carefully reviewing the structural integrity of your axle and determining the threading is the only component that requires our maintenance services.

Routine Axle Maintenance

Avoid additional heavy-duty truck axle repair services by covering routine axle maintenance steps. After carefully inspecting, repairing, and testing your truck axle, we provide you with a recommended maintenance schedule for essential tasks. These tasks can improve the lifetime of your spindle and avoid another emergency repair situation.

Because we carefully inspect every component of your truck axle and document the entire process, our team is equipped with the necessary information to perform prompt and cost-effective maintenance services. Discuss the lubrication, bushing replacement, and inspection services that keep your heavy-duty truck axle operating for years to come.