Spindle Maintenance

Why Did My Spindle Fail?

Metal Machine Maintenance Operated by a Professional

All moving mechanical systems will eventually fail and require repair or replacement of different components. Even the best quality turning machines may suffer a spindle failure, especially when you consider that spindles can rotate as fast as 65,000 RPM or more for high-speed spindles. A spindle must endure many cutting forces and tension from the […]

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Benefits of CNC Machine Spindle Repair

The biggest benefit of CNC machine spindle repair is dodging the need to purchase a new spindle. With new spindles costing between $6000 and $20,000, repairing a spindle whenever possible is obviously the most cost-effective way to get a CNC machine up and running again. Experienced spindle repair technicians will also recalibrate spindles to optimize […]

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Gros-Ite Precision Spindle

Gros-Ite Spindle has been a trusted, highly-respected name in engineered products and assemblies, including premium spindles, since 1946.  They are not only known for Gros-Ite precision spindle design but their exceptional build and repair capabilities. EDAC/Grose-Ite Spindle has a global customer base, serving the aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial, commercial, and machine tool industries. We are […]

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Okuma Spindle Repair

No one can afford to waste time when an unexpected CNC Okuma spindle repair slows down the operation in today’s competitive market. Getting fast, accurate, and reliable spindle repair or rebuilding can prove challenging. You can count on Superior Spindle to provide a transparent, customer-centered approach to getting you back up and running quickly and […]

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Your Industry Leader in Machine Spindle Rebuilds


Restore your CNC machine with minimal downtime and the highest levels of efficiency with Superior Spindle rebuild and repair services. Our ISO-documented spindle rebuild procedures are leaders in the industry and help you keep your equipment running to meet your deadlines. Explore our services and the benefits of receiving machine spindle repair services vs. ordering […]

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Our Leading Spindle Inspection Process

Spindle repair

A compromised spindle creates diverse inefficiencies in your machining process. Over time, a minor maintenance issue can lead to a compromised spindle. Find out how a spindle inspection process by Superior Spindle can restore the OEM performance and extend the lifetime of your manufacturing components. While the exact repair components used to rebuild your spindle […]

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7 Simple Ways to Minimize Spindle Repair

Spindle being tested

Spindle repair services are critical to minimizing downtime and excessive repair costs. Replacing spindles, particularly custom-built tooling, can be costly for your manufacturing facility. Explore seven key processes you can implement with the help of Superior Spindle to maximize the lifetime and efficiency of your spindles and industrial machines. 1. Routinely Test Spindle Pull Force […]

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Did Your Spindle Fail Prematurely?

Do you know how long your spindles are designed to last? With the right lubrication, filtration, and care, these essential parts should never need replacement before the manufacturers’ suggested limits. Spindle failure almost always indicates an underlying problem. We help you identify it, solve it, and prevent it from happening again. How Do You Identify […]

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Heavy-Duty Truck Axle Repair

A worn-out or damaged truck axle can leave you stranded on the side of the road or at your shop. Whether you’re operating a commercial class eight truck and trailer or a personal 3/4-ton pickup, discover how our mobile team at Superior Spindle offers innovative heavy-duty truck axle repair services in the United States. Mobile […]

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Spindle Repair Process

High-speed CNC machinery represents a sizable cost investment for manufacturers. The beating heart of this essential industrial equipment is spindles. Because performance depends on micrometer-level precision, preventative spindle maintenance and high-quality spindle repairs or spindle replacements are vital for long-term operation. How can you identify true professionals that provide excellent spindle repair? The key is […]

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