Machine maintenance is essential for maximizing your shop’s uptime. However, even the most robust and cared-for parts eventually break when they are used frequently. Superior Spindle provides spindle repairs and replacements for popular brands including Bryant. We can provide fast turnarounds and superior quality for all your spindle repair needs.

Superior Spindle’s Repair Capabilities

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For more than a decade, we have been providing high-quality spindle repairs to markets including aerospace, automotive, agriculture and mold manufacturing. We provide a full range of services including vibration analysis, spindle and bearing replacement as well as reconditioned ISO and DIN standard taper grinding.

All our repair services are performed by our team of experts. With our precision machine shop, we have the capability to told tolerances up to one micron. We can manufacture or reverse engineer components to the original equipment specifications or better. Our team can even improve spindle designs as we repair them to better suit your unique usage requirements.

Our spindle analysis process is central to our repair success. We provide thorough evaluations of parts including geometric inspection, balancing, run-in testing and more to determine where the current fault lie. We then carefully inspect spindles after repairs to ensure that they meet our quality standards.

We are so confident in our repair work that we provide a warranty for spindle repairs of equal duration as the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty, up to one year. These parts are as good or better than when they were new.

Bryant Grinding Machines and Spindles

Our Bryant spindle repair services are among our most popular. We can offer spindle repairs for various Bryant grinding machines, including the following:

  • Model B+: This grinding machine is noted for its high revolutions per minute. We can bring your grinder back to normal operation with our comprehensive spindle repairs.
  • Ultraline (UL1): This machine is able to achieve high-quality grinding with precisions between 0.04 inches and 1.25 inches. Good maintenance and OEM-quality repairs can help you get the most profit from this machine.
  • Ultraform (UF1): Using this machine, you can achieve greater speeds at a precision level between 0.16 inches and 3.14 inches. Our Bryant spindle repair services will help get your grinder back to optimal performance and precision.

We have extensive knowledge of these and other Bryant machines. If you need spindle repair services, contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

How To Tell When a CNC Spindle Needs Repair

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When you are using your CNC machines every day, it can be hard to know when you have reached the threshold of needing repair. These are some signs that indicate your spindle needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • There are finish issues on your machined products. This is especially significant when the issues are on a specific axis or uneven.
  • The spindle or machine vibrates unusually when in use. This can be the result of improper lubrication.
  • The spindle or machine creates a lot of noise when in use.
  • There is visible wear on the spindle mouth. Any damage should be investigated to determine if repair or replacement is necessary.
  • There is visible damage on the tool holders. Fretting tends to be the most common type of wear damage.

Superior Spindle Replacement Options

Sometimes a Bryant spindle replacement is a better option than our Bryant spindle repair services. In these cases, Superior Spindle can still help. We can replace or remanufacture spindles from popular brands including Bryant. Our team focuses first on getting work done quickly. Of course, we understand that machine downtime can be costly. So, we have all the tools and capabilities for rebuilds , allowing us to offer replacements at a rapid pace.