Improve the efficiency of your CNC machining and enjoy affordable preventative maintenance with Bridgeport spindle repair and bearing adjustment services. Learn how our team at Superior Spindle Service can identify any performance issues and offer accelerated repair and rebuild services. Prevent a damaged CNC machine or adverse performance issues from affecting your bottom line.

Signs of an Inefficient Spindle

Many Bridgeport spindle repair issues aren’t obvious until your spindle becomes severely damaged. A replacement spindle is a costly repair and can stall your manufacturing process as you wait for a backorder part. Spot these signs of performance issues and contact our team before they lead to more serious problems:

  • Chatter marks
  • Increased vibration
  • Contaminated or noisy Bridgeport spindle bearings
  • Burned stator
  • Poor part finish or manufacturing quality
  • Failed seal
  • Fatigued springs

Any of these signs should be treated as a serious maintenance issue. Learn more about our repair process to discover how you can quickly and efficiently restore OEM or better performance for your CNC machine.

Over time, a minor chattering, vibration or burned stator can cause significant damage to your CNC machine and your spindle. Extensive repairs or spindle replacement services are typically far more costly than preventative maintenance. If you believe your spindle is exhibiting some of these signs or if you notice a decrease in manufacturing quality, don’t hesitate to contact our team for quality inspection and repair services.

The Superior Spindle Service Repair Process

At Superior Spindle Service, we offer ISO-documented Bridgeport spindle bearing adjustment, repair and rebuild services. We work with all types of Bridgeport spindles and offer both standard and expedited repair scheduling.

Our precision machine shop offers full disclosure every step of the process. We carefully take apart your spindle and offer a failure analysis and repair quote before starting the repair process. Once the process is approved, we rely on our extensive inventory, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert technicians to find the needed repair components.

After your spindle rebuild service, we put it through strict tests in a closed system to ensure the highest levels of quality control. We run a geometric inspection and balancing test to make sure your spindle is ready for your precision production needs. Our engineers follow the Kaizen continuous improvement program to stay on top of the latest industrial tips, tricks and spindle features.

All our testing and assembly takes place in a Class 10,000 HEPA climate-controlled clean room. This ensures our repair services won’t introduce any contaminants to your spindle. This service is rarely offered by even the most competitive spindle repair companies and is just another feature that puts us at the top of our industry.

Our Bridgeport Spindle Repair Warranty Information

Bridgeport spindle

We’re so confident in our repair services that we offer a spindle warranty equal to your OEM warranty, up to one year from shipment. Enjoy peace of mind when you choose Superior Spindle Service for your Bridgeport spindle repair.

As long as you use your warranty in the proper application and equipment, you can enjoy this extensive warranty coverage on your repaired spindle. Contact our professional customer service team if you have any difficulties or questions regarding your newly repaired spindle. Compare our warranty guarantee with competitors to see how you can enjoy reduced risks of operation with our spindle services.

Restore Your CNC Machining Services With Bridgeport Spindle Repair Services

Work with a leader in Bridgeport spindle repair today to discover how you can affordably restore your equipment and keep your manufacturing facility at the forefront of your industry. Contact us today with any questions or concerns about your Bridgeport spindle or to schedule a standard or expedited repair service by Superior Spindle Service.