Spindle Replacement

When you’re in need of superior spindle replacement, spindle repair or remanufacturing you owe it to yourself to work with a company that offers superior service. Know that Superior Spindle is known for providing exemplary customer service and quality results.

You Deserve Nothing Short of the Best

spindle replacement

No matter what kind of spindle replacement service you need, it should be done to the highest of standards. Superior Spindle has the experience and commitment to excellence necessary to service a variety of spindles. Even better is the fact that all spindle brands are covered by a one-year warranty.

Some of the brands we repair include:

  • Abrasive
  • Cincinnati
  • Leblond Makino
  • Ekstrom-Carlson
  • Hitachi-Seiki
  • Newall
  • Gallmeyer & Livingston
  • Van Norman

Something else that enables us to provide our customers with superior service is the fact that we’ve developed close relationships with original equipment manufacturers to maximize savings and your profits. Our hope is that you’ll get as much use as possible from your spindle and decrease your overall workload.

Quick Work Done Right

Spindle replacement and repair

While we do quick repair work, know that it’s done to exacting standards, so we can deliver the results we’ve become known for in our industry. Our staff has more than a solid century’s worth of combined experience, and we’ve used that experience to perfect our process.

Specifically, our process involves carefully checking the work we perform to ensure it won’t fail earlier than expected. We also do everything possible to make sure you enjoy the most up-to-date technology and repair/manufacturing methods for spindles. Our technicians also utilize special testing cells for high-frequency and high-speed spindles, better allowing us to handle the job faster.

Diving a bit deeper into our repair work, we offer standard repair, which comes with a lead time ranging from 10 to 14 business days. We can also provide you with an emergency repair, giving you a quote the same day we receive your product. Emergency lead time is anywhere from one to three business days.

Know That We’re ISO-Certified

Another fact we like to share with current and potential customers is the fact that we’re ISO-certified. What that means is our facilities, as well as our processes, are top notch. We’ve also been assessed by NSF International Strategic Registrations, so we know beyond a shadow of the doubt the way we work and the tools we use are beyond approach. Our goal is to exceed the most current expectations rather than just meet them.

For your peace of mind, know that our repair service processes have been documented by the ISO. Those processes also include thorough assurance measures for flawless performance. You can find our Certificate of Registration here on our site.

Certifications Are Just the Beginning

quality standards

We showcase our ISO 9001:2015 certification assessed by NSF-ISR proudly. This certification means our superior repair services and spindle rebuilding processes meet and exceed the highest quality standards for the industry. While many companies may be able to claim certain levels of certification, this is just the beginning of what sets us apart.

Top-of-the-Line Equipment and Techniques In Use

We invest in quality equipment to provide the high-quality standards our customers expect from elite manufacturers. Our engineers are some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry, and we believe in the Kaizen approach of constantly improving and educating our team about the latest techniques. This is but part of the reason why we are able to continuously product quality components and repairs.

Assembly Is Done in a Clean Room

There are few companies that invest in a clean room when it comes to parts assembly, but Superior Spindle understands the importance of keeping spindles contaminant-free during assembly. You can find Class 10,000 HEPA climate-controlled clean rooms at our facility specifically designed for this purpose.

Testing and Final Reports

Once a spindle is repaired and reassembled, we wait to ship it out to the customer until we run a complete test on it. We analyze the data of each test to ensure each part is balanced and meets stringent specifications. We even include detailed reports and charts of everything we did during the repair service, so customers have documentation that the spindle meets and exceeds industry standards.

Quality Repair Is Just a Step Away

Superior Spindle services a variety of industries, including medical, railroad, agriculture, mold manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more. Learn more about our superior spindle replacement processes and how we can help you reduce downtime when you have components in need of repair by contacting us or requesting a quote for spindle repair or spindle replacement today.

Types of Spindles for CNC Machines

For such a small, unassuming part, spindles have an incredible variety of specifications that can dramatically change their effectiveness. Choose the best spindles and spindle repair services with Superior Spindle Services. Whether you’re looking for ultra-precise or ultra-strong, you should carefully consider the types of spindles you need for your CNC machines. Keep your machines running efficiently so you can manufacture low cost, high quality parts.

Common Spindle Types

Each spindle type is activated in a different way, which can affect the overall performance of the spindle and your CNC machine. Some are engineered to move with less noise, while others focus on durability. Here are three main spindle types to consider for your CNC machines:

  • Inline Spindles: Coupled to the motor, these spindles are some of the quietest and smoothest spindles. You’ll enjoy great surface finishing with these convenient spindles.
  • Gear-Driven Spindles: An older variety, gear-driven spindles tend to produce more noise and break down more often, requiring costly maintenance.
  • Belt-Driven Spindles: The new and improved response to gear-driven spindles, these offer easier maintenance and a smoother design.
  • Built-in Motorized: Both the motor and the spindle are combined with this high-speed alternative. Fast-paced with high torque, choose this premium option for specialized projects.

Spindle Replacement

Different types of spindles are used for different applications, and improper spindle use can result in maintenance issues. Don’t spend time waiting for your replacement spindles to arrive and be fitted. Contact a spindle service provider that is capable of not only ordering and installing replacement spindles, but also analyzing the failure, selecting the appropriate alternative and engineering upgrades and improvements to the typical spindle designs.

Contact Superior Spindle Services to discover the best types of spindles for your manufacturing process. With a wide variety of industries using these versatile machines, our expert technicians are able to identify the correct spindle and provide the repair or spindle replacement services you need.


State of the Art Services, Superior Spindle can resolve all of your Spindle Repair and Remanufacturing requirements.

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