Makino Spindle Repair / Makino Spindle Replacement

Makino spindles offer the ultimate precision components for all your manufacturing needs. If you use these elegant spindles for your CNC machining or other precision applications, discover how Superior Spindle can help you repair your essential spindles from Makino and other spindle manufacturers to keep your manufacturing process moving forward.

Makino Spindle Types and Applications

Makino spindle repairDepending on your manufacturing needs, Makino spindles can be used throughout your machining process. These precision parts allow you to create customized components at the highest levels of performance in these basic areas:

  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Smart spindles
  • Specialist motors

These durable spindles are designed to power through a wide range of materials and withstand heavy use. However, even the highest quality components wear out and require maintenance. Regardless of the type of Makino spindle or application, Superior Spindle has the expertise necessary to perform essential maintenance and repairs.

Common Spindle Issues

While imperfections in engineering are extremely rare with these dynamic spindles, other issues may arise after extended use. Here are some common issues that can lead to inefficiencies or inoperable spindles:

  • Fretting housing
  • Failure of rotary union
  • Bearing failure
  • Damaged stator
  • Worn-out tapers
  • Contaminated coolant or bearing lubrication

The exact issue may be difficult to determine without disassembling your spindle. This can take valuable time away from your production facility. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment allow our engineers to repair these issues and offer OEM specifications or better.

Superior Spindle Repair Solutions

Lablond Makino spindle repairWhen you choose Superior Spindle for your Makino spindle repair, you’ll receive prompt and professional service. Our CNC spindle repair services come in two options for flexible solutions for your needs:

  • Standard repair: Receive a written report and analysis within three business days. Enjoy a lead time of 10 to 14 business days once the quote is approved.
  • Expedited repair: For emergency Makino spindle repair issues, an accelerated lead time of one to three business days will be implemented. Weekend and overtime pay can be added for emergency services.

Each of these repair solutions is flexible enough to handle your unique situation. Our team can retrofit your existing Makino spindles to match your equipment or perform in-depth reverse engineering to identify the exact issue.

Both standard and expedited repair services come with expert customer service and personalized solutions. We handle each spindle with unique care, and no two spindle rebuild services require the exact same set of steps. Our team will work with you to achieve the results you need on a timeline that fits your production schedule.

Whether we take your Makino spindle to our fully equipped facility or service your spindles right at your location, you’ll enjoy industry-leading engineering and quality assurance. We have experience repairing the latest electromechanical spindles, as well as older motorized, gear-driven or belt-driven options.

Quality Control and Testing

You can be confident of a quality repair of your Makino spindles thanks to our testing and assembly services. After we repair or rebuild your spindle, our team documents every step to ensure accurate repairs and full OEM or better performance.

Each spindle goes through rigorous balancing quality control, is tested at operating speeds and is always assembled in one of our Class 10,000 HEPA climate-controlled clean rooms. These steps ensure even the slightest inefficiency is removed from your spindles. Our team will reinstall your restored spindle and provide you with detailed documentation and final reports to ensure accuracy and the highest levels of performance.

When you’re ready to receive industry-leading Makino spindle repair services, request a quote today from Superior Spindle. Makino provides the highest quality spindle manufacturing, so turn to the highest quality spindle repair services and discover how you can enjoy hassle-free repairs from Superior Spindle.


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