Maho Spindle Repair

Maho spindle repairRestore the power and performance of your CNC machine by taking advantage of our premier Maho spindle repair and Maho spindle replacement services.

At Superior Spindle, we have over 100 years of providing precision spindle repair, spindle replacement, and spindle rebuild services. When you’re ready to restore OEM or better performance for your Maho spindles, turn to our repair and replacement services.

Prompt Diagnostics and Estimates

After you request a quote for your Maho spindle repair service, we’ll work with either a standard or expedited time frame to provide you with prompt estimates, failure analyses and repairs. With standard Maho spindle repair services, you can expect between one and three business days to receive a quote and 10 to 14 business days to receive your fully restored spindle.

Expedited services are performed with rapid turnaround times. The exact time will depend on the model of Maho spindle and the services required, but we’ll work overtime and on weekends to ensure you have minimal downtime.

You don’t need to wait for your spindle to breakdown before calling us. We offer spindle maintenance options for spindles that are performing inefficiently but haven’t experienced a complete breakdown. Our tune-up services can still improve the efficiency of your worn-out spindles and help you enjoy long-lasting spindle performance.

Complete Disassembly and Cleaning

The process begins with complete disassembly and cleaning. This allows us to spot any issues that may be hidden in your spindle and to offer complete repairs, rather than simply treating obvious surface issues.

Every part is checked thoroughly for signs of failure, contamination and missing lubrication. These minor issues can decrease the performance of your Maho spindle and, over time, cause critical damage. A clean room in our 25,000 square foot facility allows us to promptly work on your spindles without concern about contamination from other projects or outdoor debris.

Dynamic Machining and Reassembly

Maho spindle replacementAfter diagnosis the issues with your Maho spindle, we’ll use genuine OEM replacement parts or machine brand-new parts made to the precise measurements and specifications of your original Maho spindle. This allows you to enjoy the reliable performance and fully restored functionality for your CNC machining.

Balancing and grinding are two key areas of spindle restoration. As your spindle wears out from high-impact performance, the entire spindle can be put off balance. We use innovative testing equipment to ensure your spindle achieves accurate results in terms of balance and overall performance. We grind your Maho spindle in a sealed, climate-controlled area for exact tolerance measurements.

We even work with obsolete Maho spindles and help you stay at the forefront of your industry with sharp cutting edges, hard tooling and top-of-the-line precision. After replacing your damaged spindle components with new Maho or manufactured components, we reassemble your spindle to its exact specifications.

Comprehensive Testing and Quality Control

After repairing and reassembling your spindle in our HEPA climate-controlled room and balancing it in our balancing department, we provide run-in tests and a final report that ensures the strictest quality control. We fine-tune your Maho spindle to operate at peak efficiency, which is critical for high-speed, high-volume CNC machining.

Part of our Maho spindle repair teams commitment to quality control is our investment in a state-of-the-art facility. With a class 10,000 HEPA clean room, our facility offers a safe environment to clean and repair your spindles without concern of minor dust, dirt and other contaminants reducing your spindle lifespan.

Restore Your Precision Performance Today

Enjoy industry-leading Maho spindle replacement and maho spindle repair services today. Whether you’re looking to order a brand-new spindle or take advantage of our dynamic rebuild and repair services, contact us today. Choose Superior Spindle today and partner with an ISO-certified spindle service provider that repairs, rebuilds and remanufactures leading brands of CNC spindles.


State of the Art Services, Superior Spindle can resolve all of your Spindle Repair and Remanufacturing requirements.

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