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Get high-quality Doosan spindle repairs from our ISO-certified team at Superior Spindle. Founded over 10 years ago, we provide spindle repairs, full rebuilds, testing services, and more to manufacturers throughout North America.  

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Doosan Spindle Repairs

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When you turn to Superior Spindle for Doosan spindle repairs, you can expect efficiency every step of the way. Our repair process involves:

  • Disassembly (Free):  Our repair process starts with our factory-trained technicians disassembling your spindle in our HEPA Class 10,000 cleanroom to prevent contamination. All components of the spindle are photographed and logged into our quality management system.  
  • Evaluation (Free):  Then, our technicians evaluate for signs of internal and external damage, including simple wear and tear, inadequate lubrication, and imbalances. All Doosan spindle inspections are performed using our exclusive ABTech Microform rotary table. These tables are air-bearing, high-precision rotary tables that are optimized for optical analysis and low-speed TIR measurements.  
  • Failure Analysis Report & Quote (Free): After inspections are complete, you’ll receive a comprehensive failure analysis report (FAR) and a no-obligation quote. Our FARs include details on which components were damaged, the probable cause of failure, our repair recommendations, and an estimated timeline.
  • Repairs: After you accept your quote, we assign your repair to a technician who is specialized in that specific type of repair. If technicians find near-failing or failed components during the evaluation process, they will replace defective parts with OEM parts. Machining and grinding may also be done to ensure spindles meet OEM specifications. After repairs are complete, we thoroughly clean your spindle in our cleanroom before reassembling it. Standard repairs usually take 10 to 14 days, but we do offer expedited services (1 to 3 business days) for emergencies).
  • Testing & Balancing: All Doosan spindles are meticulously tested in both extreme and normal operating environments to ensure optimal performance. Spindle tests include, but are not limited to, vibrational testing, thermal analysis, and geometric inspections. All spindle balancing is done to ISO 1940-1:2003(E) specifications.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) & Free Shipping: Before we ship your Doosan spindle back to you, our technicians will send the spindle to our QA department for a final, definitive inspection. Once our QA team has determined your spindle to be fully functional and operating at its best performance, we send your spindle back to you along with a report that includes a list of all replaced components, maintenance tips, installation recommendations, the probable cause of failure, and the length and results of each test performed by our technicians.

Types of Doosan Spindles We Repair

Superior Spindle is one of the few spindle repair companies that specializes in repairing discontinued or obsolete grinding, milling, and belt-driven spindles. Our team is capable of servicing all types of Doosan/DN Solutions spindles designed for 5-axis, horizontal, and vertical machining centers, including:

  • DNM Series
  • VC Series
  • Mynx Series
  • VCF Series
  • DVF Series
  • NHM Series
  • NHP Series
  • HM Series

If you don’t see your spindle on this list, don’t hesitate to contact Superior Spindle today for further assistance.

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Complete Spindle Rebuilds

When a spindle cannot be repaired, the most cost-effective solution may be a complete spindle rebuild. In a complete rebuild, our team will either replace or upgrade each component of your Doosan spindle. All replaced or upgraded components are guaranteed to meet OEM specifications.

Our rebuild process takes 10 to 14 days to complete and includes the following steps:

  1. Evaluation and documentation of the condition of your Doosan spindle as received by our facility. All evaluations and assemblies are performed in our HEPA Class 10,000 cleanroom.
  2. We will provide you with a list of what parts need to be replaced or upgraded, an estimated repair timeline, and a quote.
  3. We acquire, build, and replace all parts needed for the full assembly. All components are cleaned and lubricated before assembly.
  4. We perform any needed vibration analysis, bearing repairs, and machining that’s needed to meet OEM specifications. We can machine to tolerances up to one micron.
  5. We perform a final run-in test to ensure your spindle is operating optimally and balance it to ISO 1940-1:2003 specifications.
  6. We ship your rebuilt spindle back to you along with a report that outlines which parts were replaced and/or upgraded, installation recommendations, maintenance requirements, and test results. You will also receive a warranty that lasts for up to one full year from the date of shipment.

Additional Services

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In addition to Doosan spindle repairs and full rebuilds, we also offer:

  • Spindle Taper Grinding: When done routinely, spindle taper grinding can improve spindle efficiency by preventing pitting, ovality, and bruising caused by crashes and general wear and tear
  • Storage/Warehousing: After we repair or rebuild your spindle, you always have the option of storing it in our spacious warehouse for free. Whether you’re relocating your facility or just don’t have time to pick up your spindle, you can count on us to keep it safe.

Why Work With Our Team?

Superior Spindle offers:

  • High-Quality, Reliable Services Performed by ISO-Certified Technicians
  • Fast Lead Times
  • Free Evaluation & Shipping
  • One-Year Warranties on All Rebuilt Spindles (Equal duration as the OEM, up to 365 days from the time the spindle is shipped out from our facility)
  • Adherence to Precise Quality Assurance Protocols
  • Free Warehousing & Storage
  • OEM-Quality Guarantee

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