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Superior Spindle is an ISO-certified, industry-leading provider of Cincinnati spindle repairs, replacements, and taper grinding in North America. Our spindle repair and replacement services help maintain seamless production efficiencies in the aerospace, automotive, industrial, and medical industries.

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Spindle Repair Services

We offer in-house and on-site spindle rebuilds, repairs, testing and balancing, and remanufactured Cincinnati spindle replacements. All services are performed in a climate-controlled, class 10,000 HEPA cleanroom to prevent contamination.

OKK spindle

Cincinnati Spindle Repairs

At Superior Spindle, we offer two types of Cincinnati spindle repair services: standard and expedited. With our standard spindle repair service, you can expect a lead time between 10 to 14 days after you approve your quote. If you’re experiencing an emergency, we can provide you with a same-day quote; after approval, the lead time is between one and three business days.

Spindle Rebuilds

Spindles are a primary component of CNCs—when they unexpectedly break, malfunction, or sustain heavy damage, you can always count on Superior Spindle for high-quality rebuilds. We know how detrimental downtime can be for your business—no matter the extent of the damage, we’re committed to getting your spindle back to you as quickly as possible.

OKK spindle
OKK spindle

Remanufactured Replacements

Is your Cincinnati spindle considered obsolete? Don’t worry—we’re here to help. We’re also capable of fully remanufacturing discontinued/obsolete Cincinnati spindles. All replacements are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original OEM specifications, and they’re backed by a one-year, peace-of-mind warranty.

Testing and Balancing

Whether we’re repairing, rebuilding, or replacing a spindle, we always provide comprehensive testing and balancing services in our HEPA cleanroom. We balance all spindles to ISO 1940-1:2003 (E) specifications. When we ship your newly repaired, rebuilt, or remanufactured spindle back to you, we also include a comprehensive report that highlights all testing results.

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Our Cincinnati Spindle Repair Process

  • Evaluation: Once we receive your spindle, we perform a preliminary inspection to determine your spindle’s general condition, function, and unique features.
  • Disassembly: Next, we fully disassemble and photograph your spindle to better understand the cause of failure. As previously mentioned, all disassembly and reassembly is performed in our class 10,000 HEPA cleanroom.
  • Quote & Failure Analysis Report: After we determine a potential cause of failure, we send you a quote along with a complete failure analysis report. This report highlights the potential cause of failure, an estimated project time and cost, and the appropriate actions we’re recommending.
  • Repair: When we receive your approval, we’ll start repairing, rebuilding, or remanufacturing your spindle. We’ll clean all components, order new components if needed, and perform any necessary machining or grinding if operating specs require it.
  • Assembly: After components are replaced or repaired, we’ll assemble your spindle.
  • Testing & Balancing: To ensure quality, we’ll test your spindle under both normal and extreme operating conditions. Our tests usually include spindle vibration and thermal analysis.
  • QA: Before we ship your spindle back to you, we always perform one final inspection and record all data from our inspection.
  • Shipping: Lastly, we’ll ship your spindle back to you along with a full report that highlights what we did, which components were replaced, testing and inspection information, and recommended installation steps.

Cincinnati Spindle Maintenance Tips

The following tips can help you further extend the accuracy and lifespan of your Cincinnati spindle.

  1. Thorough Training: Improper use is a leading cause of accelerated spindle wear. Create training opportunities for your technicians to learn how to maintain spindles after the first signs of wear. Preventative maintenance through quality training helps reduce downtime and issues in the manufacturing process.
  2. Documentation: Create clear documentation on the service history of your spindles, and make that information available to all relevant parties. Ensure your technicians update the service record with each cleaning and inspection.
  3. Vibration Analysis: A vibration analysis is one of the most effective early warning systems for a compromised spindle. By accurately measuring the same speed and load, you can track any changes in the spindle over time. Consider using permanently mounted vibration sensors for on-the-job monitoring. This design allows you to gain critical information without shutting down the machine or removing the spindle
  4. Perform Maintenance: Maintenance tasks include replacing bearings, cleaning and lubricating components, balancing, and repairing drawbars.

Working With Our Team

Since our founding, our top priority has been maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. That’s why we continue to maintain ISO 9001 certification, and offer peace-of-mind warranties, competitive prices, fast lead times, and free estimates and shipping.

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