CNC Spindle Rebuild

What is a CNC Spindle Rebuild?

At Superior Spindle we provide precision CNC spindle rebuild, remanufacturing and repair. CNC stands for “computer numerical control” and it refers to machining processes aided by computers. The spindle is a key mechanical component of the CNC that is designed for rotary motion. As an integral part of the CNC machine, the spindle does a lot of the work and can take a beating. With over 100 years of experience, you can trust Superior Spindle service to repair or remanufacture your machine spindles getting you back to work.

cnc spindle rebuild

Repair vs. Rebuild

As your machine spindles do their job they begin to show signs of wear. Our skilled team utilizes in-house testing and electronic departments that are capable of diagnosing simple to extremely complex issues with your machine spindles. We will recommend repairing your spindle as long as we are certain we can get you back to performing with precision. In some cases, a rebuild is required to ensure complete efficiency. Whether we complete a repair or a rebuild, we guarantee high-quality service with minimal downtime.

Our Facility

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have to outsource repairs and rebuilds to third-parties. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to handle CNC spindle repair from start to finish. From evaluation to repair and rebuild to final testing, the skilled technicians at Superior Spindle offer complete solutions for simple to intricate spindle services. We have our own balancing department, electronics department, HEPA climate-controlled clean rooms, and on-site warehousing to provide unparalleled service to our customers.  

What Makes Us Different?

We know that downtime can kill your bottom line and we work tirelessly to get your tools back in your hands. During the repair work, you have full access to our technicians and engineers, so we get it right the first time. Next time you need spindle repair services, contact Superior Spindle at 734-224-4778 or request a quote online at


State of the Art Services, Superior Spindle can resolve all of your Spindle Repair and Remanufacturing requirements.

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