CNC Spindle Rebuild

What is a CNC Spindle Rebuild?

At Superior Spindle we provide precision CNC spindle rebuild, spindle replacement, remanufacturing and spindle repair. We also do spindle taper grinding. CNC stands for “computer numerical control” and it refers to machining processes aided by computers. The spindle is a key mechanical component of the CNC that is designed for rotary motion. As an integral part of the CNC machine, the spindle does a lot of the work and can take a beating. With over 100 years of experience, you can trust Superior Spindle service to repair or remanufacture your machine spindles getting you back to work.

cnc spindle rebuild

Spindle Repair vs. Spindle Rebuild

As your machine spindles do their job they begin to show signs of wear. Our skilled team utilizes in-house testing and electronic departments that are capable of diagnosing simple to extremely complex issues with your machine spindles. We will recommend repairing your spindle as long as we are certain we can get you back to performing with precision. In some cases, a rebuild is required to ensure complete efficiency. Whether we complete a repair or a rebuild, we guarantee high-quality service with minimal downtime.

Our Facility

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have to outsource repairs and rebuilds to third-parties. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to handle CNC spindle repair from start to finish. From evaluation to repair and rebuild to final testing, the skilled technicians at Superior Spindle offer complete solutions for simple to intricate spindle services. We have our own balancing department, electronics department, HEPA climate-controlled clean rooms, and on-site warehousing to provide unparalleled service to our customers.  

What Makes Us Different?

We know that downtime can kill your bottom line and we work tirelessly to get your tools back in your hands. During the repair work, you have full access to our technicians and engineers, so we get it right the first time. Next time you need spindle repair services, contact Superior Spindle at 734-224-4778 or request a quote online at

Your One-Stop-Shop for CNC Spindle Repair

CNC machines require extensive maintenance and a variety of specialized parts and services to run effectively. If your machines need any repairs or replacement parts, it can be stressful and time consuming to contact multiple repair shops and distributors to receive the components and services you need. For the highest quality for both spindle and machine in the United States, choose Superior Spindle Services.

Variety of Spindle Services

From minor maintenance to complete rebuilds, our highly skilled technicians can keep your CNC machines running efficiently. In order to save time and money while your machines are down, choose a company that can provide the largest variety of services, from minor maintenance tune-ups to major rebuilds. While we can work with your unique situation, here are some common services we provide:

cnc spindle repair
  • Standard repairs
  • Emergency services
  • Spindle repairs
  • Spindle rebuilds
  • Spindle taper grinding
  • Spindle replacement
  • Retrofitting
  • Remanufacturing
  • Comprehensive maintenance routines

Superior Quality

Choose the company that offers the best precision spindle in the United States. With a combined experience of around 100 years between our staff of skilled engineers, we can offer the best quality with a proven track record. You’ll receive cost-effective services and components in a timely manner, which can save you time and money.

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In order to provide dynamic and up-to-date services and components, our company is ISO certified. This internationally recognized certification can give you the peace of mind you need to trust us with your CNC machines and any other industrial machine issue you may be having.

What to Expect From a CNC Spindle Rebuild

Superior Spindle Service is a state-of-the-art spindle repair and remanufacturer. That’s all that we do, and we make it a point to be the best at high speed spindle repair. Here is an overview of how we rebuild, remanufacture and replace the spindles that keep your business running smoothly.

1. Inspect, Analyze and Document the Condition of the Spindle as It Was Received

Once the spindle is unpacked, it is subjected to a cleaning, inspection and analysis. At the completion of this process, a failure analysis and repair report is prepared. This report, complete with pictures and computer-generated analytical graphs, shows the damage that the spindle has sustained. It also includes a detailed list of what it will take to rebuild or repair the spindles. This list is the basis for the quote and estimated time to repair.

2. Acquire, Manufacture and Repair All Parts Required for Assembly.

Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Machining to tolerances of 1 micron.
  • Bearing repair.
  • Vibration analysis.
  • Spindle balancing.
  • Electronics analysis and repair.

3. Assemble the Spindle Components in a Class 10,000 HEPA Clean Room.

Any dirt that is introduced at assembly time could substantially shorten a spindle’s operating life. We virtually eliminate this problem by assembling each spindle in one of our two clean rooms.

4. Test the Spindle in a Run-in Test

Once the assembly is complete, the spindle undergoes a run-in test. In this step, the spindle is run the way you would run it on your equipment. It’s at this point that last minute fine-tuning and balancing would be performed.

5. Prepare a Final Report

This report describes the key metrics and operating characteristics of the spindle after it has been rebuilt. It should show your spindle to be as good as or better than new. It will carry the same warranty that it had when it was new.

Let Us Perform Your Next High-Speed Spindle Repair

Few companies can provide the range of services and level of quality precision of Superior Spindle Service. Our facility is equipped with the latest tools capable of providing components and CNC spindle rebuild and repair services to a variety of industries. Whether you need emergency repairs for your CNC machines, or want to discuss engineering an improved spindle design to increase efficiency, contact us today. You’ll learn why we’re the best one-stop-shop in the United States.


State of the Art Services, Superior Spindle can resolve all of your Spindle Repair and Remanufacturing requirements.

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