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Superior Spindle is proud to offer a complete line of Toyoda spindle services to manufacturers across North America. Our factory-trained and ISO-certified technicians can handle everything from Toyoda spindle repairs, rebuilds, and retrofits to grinding, balancing, and testing. 

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Standard & Emergency Toyoda Spindle Repairs

CNC machine spindle rotating and in motion

We offer standard and emergency repair services for the following Toyoda spindles:

  • 5-Axis
    • FH1250SX
    • FH630SX
    • FA1050S
    • UA2090Ti
  • Horizontal
    • FH Series
    • FA Series
    • HMC5000
    • CMH500 XL
  • Vertical
    • FV-65
    • FV-80
    • FV-90
    • PRO
    • STEALTH-65
    • AQ
  • Grinding
    • E Series
    • GE Series
    • GL Series
  • Bridge
    • LB
    • MG
    • RB
    • SB
    • VB

Our standard Toyoda spindle repair services have lead times between 10 and 14 business days while our emergency services can take anywhere between one and three business days. Please be aware that expedited services depend on part availability.

Our Repair Process

When you turn to Superior Spindle for your Toyoda spindle repair services, you can expect an easy, six-step process that includes:

  1. Evaluation: Using our certified ABTech Microform system, our technicians meticulously inspect the spindle to determine its general condition and potential cause of failure. Probable causes of spindle failure are recorded in our proprietary tracking system.
  2. Disassembly: After evaluation, our team will disassemble your Toyoda spindle in our climate-controlled HEPA cleanroom to prevent contamination. Each part is thoroughly tested to determine if it is contributing to the spindle’s performance failure. Finally, our technicians digitally photograph or scan each disassembled component for inventory purposes.
  3. Quote & Failure Analysis Report: A repair quote is sent after technicians pinpoint the probable cause of spindle failure. Quotes also come with a detailed Failure Analysis Report (FAR) that includes the estimated timeline of repairs, which components need to be replaced, what types of repairs we’re recommending, and more.
  4. Repair: After you approve our quote, we begin repairing the spindle. Our proprietary tracking system will always assign a technician with the appropriate experience and expertise. Additionally, during the repair phase, all components are cleaned; machining and grinding may also be performed if necessary.
  5. Assembly & Testing: Following all repairs, our technicians will carefully reassemble and test the spindle in our HEPA cleanroom. Replacement parts are included in the reassembly if a part cannot be fully repaired. Testing involves thermal analysis, vibration analysis, and load testing.
  6. Quality Assurance & Shipping: Finally, our QA technicians will inspect your spindle and test for overall quality. When you receive your spindle, you will find full repair and test results included in the shipment. Reports detail which parts were repaired or replaced, test results, and probable cause of failure.
spindle rebuilding

Full Toyoda Spindle Rebuilds

Spindles with extensive damage may need to be rebuilt by Superior Spindle’s OEM-certified engineers. Rebuilds are completed in our HEPA-climate-controlled, ISO cleanrooms to maximize performance excellence and ensure the highest quality.

Design Upgrades & Retrofitting

On some occasions, repairs and replacements can be avoided with design upgrades and retrofits. If your existing spindles aren’t meeting production needs, our highly qualified engineers can perform analyses to determine the best course of action. If a retrofit is right for you, we can design and manufacture high-speed spindle packages that are designed with your application in mind.

Taper Grinding & Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep Toyoda spindles operating smoothly is to have our technicians apply accurate and efficient taper grinding services to them. Benefits of taper grinding and maintenance include:

  • Regular taper grinding optimizes the efficient operation and reliability of Toyoda spindles.
  • Reduces wear and tear and maintenance costs on machinery
  • Significantly improves a machine’s cutting accuracy with the combination of correct alignments and dynamic spindles.

Spindle Balancing & Testing

All rebuilt or repaired Toyoda spindles are tested and balanced to meet exact ISO 1940-1:2003 (E) specifications regarding mechanical vibration, balance, and other parameters vital to optimal functioning of Toyoda spindles.

Working With Superior Spindle

At Superior Spindle, your satisfaction is our top priority. In addition to providing a wide range of Toyoda spindle services, we also provide free quotes, fast lead times, one-year peace-of-mind warranties, and competitive pricing. All of our repair technicians and engineers are OEM-trained and ISO-certified to ensure quality, and all rebuilt and repaired Toyoda spindles are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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