Spindle Repair Solutions – All the Industries Covered

Spindle Repair Solutions – All the Industries Covered

Superior Spindle is a leader in the spindle repair industries, providing CNC machine tool Spindle Repair Solutions, replacement and rebuilding services in our state of the art, ISO-certified facility. Our team of engineers and technicians can create spindle shafts from printed specifications or supplied parts and, by reverse engineering, we can provide critical components to OEM specifications or better. Our precision machine shop can meet the strictest tolerances, down to 1 micron. We are proud to provide our services to a diverse array of industries.

Aerospace Spindle Repair Solutions


As an industry leader in military spindle repair, Superior Spindle understands the stringent standards that the defense industry requires to carry out mission-critical projects and protect lives. Our rigorous manufacturing processes have quality built into every task. From the inspection to disassembly to cleaning and repair, no detail is too small. We make sure we are safeguarding those who are protecting us.

Die Manufacturing

High precision, high-speed spindles are used for exacting manufacturing and fabrication processes. When accuracy, torque, and dependability are critical, our team of experienced machinists understands that your reputation and commitments to your customers are on the line. That is precisely why companies rely on us to get their equipment up and running quickly and efficiently so that they can continue to produce high-quality molds and dies.

Heavy Truck

Heavy trucks also depend on spindles. From axle spindles to steering spindles, we repair or replace spindles for buses, semis, dump trucks, tractor-trailers, concrete trucks, and more. Whether we are replacing a spindle for a refuse truck, school bus, or box truck, we know that time is money, and we balance your need for a quick repair with stringent quality standards to ensure your drivers stay safe and your heavy trucks remain on the road.

Heavy Construction Equipment

top cost spindleSpindles also play an essential role in keeping heavy construction equipment working reliably. Heavy equipment manufacturers for construction machinery depend upon our expertise to provide spindles when they break. We repair products such as high-speed spindles, grinding spindles, electric spindles and more. With our multi-step quality assurance testing, we return your spindles not only as good as new, but sometimes better.


When manufacturing contact lenses, the grinding molds must be fabricated to microscopic tolerances. Specialized spindles are used for lens molds and micro-drilling implant lenses. When specialty spindles determine the health and safety of consumers, our customers look to us for our uncompromising quality standards that ensure your spindles are within millionths of an inch. Our ISO certified machine shop can meet the most stringent requirements to ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment.

Machine Tool

Belt driven, motorized and high-frequency machine tools are subjected to high loads and operating stress. Some equipment, like wood or metal lathes, CNC machines and boring tools, among many others, may work 24×7. When you have a large production run due and your equipment malfunctions due to a broken spindle, your profitability can take a hit. That’s why so many of our customers depend on our trained, knowledgeable and experienced technicians to restore your spindles so that your customers can continue to rely on you.


In the medical industry, there are many manufacturing standards surrounding materials, tolerances, production environments, etc. Every component must be held to strict manufacturing, inspection, and testing processes to ensure compliance and patient safety. At Superior Spindle, we know that when repair spindles for a medical device that it must run as smoothly and dependably as it did when it was new. With our rigorous manufacturing and quality processes, our customers know that they can depend on us to deliver their medical devices ready for peak performance and unwavering safety.


State of the Art Services, Superior Spindle can resolve all of your Spindle Repair and Remanufacturing requirements.

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