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When you manufacture quality parts, you need quality equipment. Nakanishi spindles are durable, precise and engineered for your demanding applications. Whether you’ve just purchased Nakanishi spindles or have been a proud supporter of the brand for years, you’ll inevitably need spindle repair services or a spindle replacement. Here are some benefits for choosing Superior Spindle for your NSK spindle repair services.

Benefits of Nakanishi Spindles

Nakanishi is a premier international spindle manufacturer based in Japan. The NSK America Corporation has been providing the United States with a range of premium spindles since 1984. Their range of machining spindles includes durable and reliable components for these uses:

  • Electric spindles
  • Pneumatic spindles
  • Electric spindles milling
  • Air motor spindles
  • Air turbines milling
  • Air turbines
  • Air line kits

If your equipment uses these or other NSK spindle varieties, find out how Superior Spindle can offer the prompt repairs and reliable rebuilds you need to keep your equipment running. Each spindle is customized for a highly specific use, so you need a spindle repair service that offers the same level of specification.

Our Innovative Repair Services

At Superior Spindle, we pride ourselves in offering premier spindle repair services for all the major spindle brands. Whether you have a single spindle or a full line of equipment utilizing NSK spindles, here are our range of repair and rebuild services:

  • Standard repair: Receive a complete failure analysis and repair quote within one to three business days. The standard lead time for our complete repair services is 10 to 14 business days.
  • Expedited repair: For emergency NSK spindle repair services, we offer a lead time of just one to three business days. For critical repairs, we offer overtime and weekend services to further expedite your repair services. While our team can fabricate emergency components for many spindles, these times are based on the availability of our NSK spindles.

Our team is responsive to your needs and will discuss the level of repairs and your ideal time frame. We’ll work with you to deliver the repair services you need. While some specialty spindles require more time to order, we carry a large stock of spindles and are able to operate under expedited deadlines to keep your production line moving forward.

Testing Your Spindles

Once your NSK spindles have been repaired, replaced or rebuilt, our team will use the latest testing and evaluation services to provide reliable results. Your Nakanishi spindles need to have the same long-lasting durability and premium precision they started with. We provide you with documentation throughout the process to ensure that your spindles undergo the most thorough testing. Here are just a few ways we’ll ensure your Nakanishi spindle repair services meet the highest standards:

  • Teardown
  • Geometric inspection
  • Balancing and machining
  • Testing and assembly in our climate-controlled HEPA clean rooms
  • Thorough run-in testing
  • Complete documentation and final reporting


We proudly rebuild and repair spindles for automotive, agricultural, defense, die manufacturing and many other industries. Your industry requires unique specifications and tests to ensure accurate performance, so you need a team who understands industry standards.

If you need spindle repair services for any other industry, contact our team today. We’ll discuss our experience in your industry to ensure that you receive the very best in spindle repairs. Don’t choose a repair service that only offers general spindle knowledge, but partner with a company who understands the exact specifications you require from your spindles.

Repair Your Nakanishi Spindles Today

Choose the premier NSK spindle repair service today. For ISO certified inspections, evaluations, repairs and rebuilds, request a quote from Superior Spindle. From a restoration project to complete fabrication of new spindle components, we provide full-service repairs for any spindle needs. Restore your equipment to full operation with little downtime and a longer lifespan.


State of the Art Services, Superior Spindle can resolve all of your Spindle Repair and Remanufacturing requirements.

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