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At Superior Spindle, we offer full-service inspections, repairs, testing and spindle replacement services to keep your CNC machine operating at peak efficiency. Let’s explore the benefits of motorized spindles and we’ll point of the signs you need to watch for that indicate your spindles may have an issue. When it’s time for motorized spindle repair, you’ll know where to turn for quality repair service you can trust.

Advantages of Motorized Spindles

Motorized spindles are complex tools used in a wide range of CNC applications. Use one of these precision components for these and other common applications:

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Machining

Motorized spindle repair services are essential to keeping costly spindles working at peak performance. Preventative maintenance is far more affordable than a full replacement spindle, so protect your investment by choosing a quality repair service near you.

Motorized spindles can increase the productivity and overall production volume of your manufacturing process. Choosing one of these state-of-the-art spindles is an excellent long-term investment in your company’s future. As long as you keep them properly maintained you can expect a long service and tool life.

Compared to non-motorized spindles, motorized spindles are innovative options that have a significant amount of moving parts and other precision components. This offers you flexible performance in your specialty manufacturing line, but it also means it’s essential to keep your spindles well maintained.

Signs You Need Spindle Repair

Contact Superior Spindle motorized spindle repair service when you see the first signs of spindle damage or wear. One of the initial indicators that you may notice is reduced finish quality. If you see more workpieces that aren’t matching your exacting quality standards, it may be time to invest in motorized spindle repair.

Unusual noises and vibration are other important signs to watch out for. These may be indicators that your spindle has been bent through continued use or that a bearing needs lubrication. Over time, vibrations can lead to a bent or broken spindle so act quickly to avoid major repairs.

Inspect your spindle for signs of fretting or spindle mouth wear. These signs of wear will start to affect your work quality if you don’t invest in preventative maintenance for your motorized spindle. A compromised motorized spindle can not only waste your raw materials but also damage your CNC machine.

Benefits of Our Motorized Spindle Repair Services

At Superior Spindle, we treat your spindles with competence and care. Our motorized spindle repair process includes our full range of services to keep your CNC machine operating effectively. Here are just a few steps we take to ensure your spindles are restored to OEM or better quality:

  • Analysis
  • Repair
  • Rebuild
  • Replacement
  • Testing

Our work area and storage facility are in climate-controlled, secure locations to protect your spindles from any outside wear. We document the entire repair process, offer geometric inspections and balance your spindle according to the Kaizen continuous improvement program.

Once we finish repairing and rebuilding your motorized spindle, our team uses one of our two Class 10,000 HEPA climate-controlled rooms for final inspections and complete assembly. These ultra-clean rooms prevent contaminants from compromising the quality of our repair and balancing services.

Receive your motorized spindle after a complete run-in test and detailed reporting. These steps allow us to confidently back all our repairs with a generous warranty. Maximize your business with a leading repair service.

Restore Your CNC Machining With Superior Spindle

Request a quote today for motorized spindle repair that keeps your CNC machine operating at peak efficiency. Don’t let a dull or damaged motorized spindle cause you to spend more on replacement spindles or harm the precision of your manufacturing process. Work with a leading spindle repair service provider for prompt, efficient and effective repair services for your industry. Power your CNC machining with the latest in spindle design, repair and installation.


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