Machine Tool Repair

Restore the spindles on your machine tools with premier repair services. Discover how Superior Spindle offers leading spindle repair, spindle replacement, spindle taper grinding and more for diverse industries and applications.

Spindle Repair Services

machine tool repairOur warrantied repairs allow you to enjoy affordable, reliable spindles for your manufacturing needs. From our extensive inventory to our innovative facility with full spindle repair and machining services, Superior Spindle is your go-to provider of complete spindle repair services.

Over time, spindles wear out from heavy use and high-impact applications. A compromised spindle can break without warning, which is a liability for your machine and your tooling. Routine maintenance, emergency repairs and a strict inspection schedule all work together to keep your components operating at peak efficiency.
Choose an ISO-documented repair service that meticulously disassembles, inspects, cleans, restores and reassembles your spindles for optimal use. Components on a spindle need to be incredibly precise, so our equipment at Superior Spindle holds tolerances to one micron.

Even if your spindle isn’t completely compromised it may be putting additional stress on your equipment and tooling. Look for these signs to determine whether you need spindle or other machine tool repairs:

  • Workpiece finish issues
  • Visible on spindle mouth
  • Unusual vibrations
  • High temperatures

These signs can reduce the quality and efficiency of your machine. Over time, a spindle or other essential part may suddenly fail. Prevent an emergency repair service and costly downtime by choosing a quality maintenance program for your spindles.

Enjoy Cutting-Edge Services From Superior Spindle

Request a quote today from a leader in machine tool repairs. Our team at Superior Spindle is confident in handling your CNC machine, ball screw and spindle repair, maintenance and replacement needs. Work with an affordable, confident service provider to reduce the cost and stress of servicing your machines.


State of the Art Services, Superior Spindle can resolve all of your Spindle Repair and Remanufacturing requirements.

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