Superior Spindle Service does well with the numerous industries we serve in North America. We know that each industry requires different processes and analysis. Our capabilities are specialized for each individual market to better suit our customers’ manufacturing requirements.

industries we serve


Superior Spindle is dedicated to improving the automotive industry’s manufacturing processes. We want to analyze your machining processes to make them more efficient—guaranteeing that you’ll see an increase in your overall productivity and bottom line. At Superior Spindle Service, you receive nothing but the most reliable and high-quality spindle repair services and spindle replacement services you would expect from an industry-leading repair and remanufacturing shop. Based in Michigan, we know how important it is that the automotive industry receives the most reliable work possible. We hire only the best and fully-trained engineers and expert technicians to work on your valuable equipment. Our stringent processes ensure reduced inaccuracies and full disclosure.

  • Thorough failure analysis for every spindle.
  • State of the Art testing procedures.
  • High-performance results.


Superior Spindle Service, knows that the aerospace industry is rapidly changing. We handle a wide variety of customers in this sector. Our superior services, including spindle products, repair and inspection, exceed the expectations demanded of such an intricate and delicate industry. We handle full capabilities for the aerospace industry including but not limited to maintenance, repair, remanufacturing and upgrades. It’s a competitive industry. We’re constantly educating ourselves to ensure that our technology and processes are the latest industry standards and meet all ISO specifications. Our facilities are fully capable of meeting the ongoing challenges that many of our aerospace customers face while trying to get ahead.

  • Help you to stay competitive.
  • Meet exact specifications.
  • Preventative maintenance available.
Aerospace industry served

Mold Manufacturers

The level of quality in our development and production for the mold manufacturing industry is unsurpassed. Our precision machinery makes us an all-in-house provider of repair and remanufacturing services. We cover all operations and processes starting with inspection evaluation, followed by inspection and analysis all the way to final reporting of your motor spindles. We know that this equipment is essential to the livelihood of your operations, and we don’t want to cut in to your production time. Having properly working equipment is essential to maintaining full operating functions. Let us help to better your manufacturing operations.

  • Deliver high-speed machining.
  • No cuts in production time.
  • Maximum durability and quality.


For years, Superior Spindle Service has been a main provider of choice for the agriculture industry. Our operations are perfectly suited for the demands that the agriculture industry needs to meet. We’re proud of all the ways our operations, machines and technicians set us apart and make us the go-to spindle servicer. We deliver high-precision results with competitive pricing. Our machines are specially crafted for the needs of the agriculture industry. Data is collected and analyzed throughout every step of the process to ensure your crucial components function properly and as efficiently as possible. Take your business to new heights. Come see what our industry-leading facilities can do for you.

  • Constant reliability.
  • Reduced cost in manufacturing.
  • Built to last products.
Agriculture Industry spindle services

Additional Industries We Serve

  • Appliance
  • Defense
  • Die Manufacturing
  • Heavy Truck
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Optical
  • Machine Tool
  • Medical
  • Railroad

State of the Art Services, Superior Spindle can resolve all of your Spindle Repair and Remanufacturing requirements.

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