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Restore your Setco Cincinnati spindles with our leading support services at Superior Spindle. Explore Cincinnati spindle repair and replacement services that target common inefficiencies in the automotive, industrial equipment, aerospace, medical and other industries. From a displaced bearing to a critically damaged spindle, a repair service can restore your component without a costly replacement order.

Spindle Repair Services

Turn to Superior Spindle for state-of-the-art Cincinnati spindle repair services. As a leader in Cincinnati Setco spindle repair, we offer full-service restorations at accelerated timelines.

The process starts with a complete inspection. Vibration analysis, statistical reporting and a fully documented disassembly process allows us to discover the causes of any spindle inefficiency.

Next, our ISO certified team rebuilds the product in a class 10,000 HEPA climate-controlled clean room. This room allows for high-frequency, high-speed spindles to perform at peak efficiency without airborne contaminants affecting performance levels.

Our standard repair service offers you a detailed quote in three business days or less. Once the quote is approved, standard lead time is 14 days or less. Ask about our expedited service for an emergency repair timeline.

We stand behind our products and industrial services. Choose Superior Spindle and enjoy a warranty equal to the original of the OEM warranty, up to one year from shipment.
Setco Machine and Spindle Components

Cincinnati spindle repair services need to cover the full range of spindles used in commercial machines in your industry. Here are just a few types of Setco Cincinnati machines that use spindles we repair:

  • Universal grinder
  • Cutter grinder
  • Tool and cutter grinder

These grinders and other spindle applications are used in tooling, woodworking, military and automotive industries. We’re confident we can accurately identify the inefficiency and restore spindles to their OEM condition before they’re reinstalled in your equipment.

Cincinnati Spindle Maintenance Tips

As part of our Cincinnati spindle repair services, we offer tips for maintaining your equipment. Consider the following ways to extend the accuracy and lifetime of these high-speed industrial components.

Start with thorough training. Improper use is a leading cause of accelerated spindle wear. Create training opportunities for your technicians to learn how to maintain spindles and the first signs of wear. Preventative maintenance through quality training helps reduce downtime and issues in the manufacturing process.

Documentation is another critical step in industrial maintenance. Create clear documentation on the service history of your spindles and make that information available to all relevant parties. Allow your technicians to update the service record with each cleaning and inspection.

A vibration analysis is one of the most effective early warning systems for a compromised spindle. By accurately measuring the same speed and load, you can track any changes in the spindle over time. Consider using permanently mounted vibration sensors for on-the-job monitoring. This design allows you to gain critical information without shutting down the machine or removing the spindle.

Review common repair components for your particular type of Cincinnati spindle to understand the signs of a breakdown. Here are some typical steps our technicians take as part of a full-service repair:

  • Bearing replacement
  • Cleaning and lubrication
  • Bearing balance
  • Drawbar repairs
  • Full Spindle Replacement Services

In addition to Cincinnati spindle repair services, you can work with Superior Spindle for a spindle replacement. We offer affordable replacement parts and full spindles to quickly restore your operations. In extreme situations, this can be more cost-effective than a repair service.

Full Spindle Replacement Services

When you request a quote, be sure to weigh this against the cost of a replacement to ensure a cost-effective solution to keep your facility moving forward. A significantly damaged bearing or drawbar may make a replacement an attractive alternative.


State of the Art Services, Superior Spindle can resolve all of your Spindle Repair and Remanufacturing requirements.

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