Air Bearing Spindle Repair

Air bearing spindle repairAir bearing spindles are known for being super precise. In fact, their precision is a large reason why they’re so effective.

That’s why proper air bearing spindle repair is so important. Your equipment must be restored to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) condition, or you risk a serious decrease in your work output. Decreased work output directly impacts client confidence, which loses you both business as well as profits.

For repairs to be performed correctly, facilities must be equipped with the latest tools and specialists must use the best techniques. Staff must also know the best design and repair principles to ensure all work lives up to customer expectations.

The following spindle bearing repair guide explains a few of the basics, so you can make the best possible decision when looking for a shop to fix your precious equipment.

How to Find Quality Repair of Your Air Bearing Spindles

Running a machine shop is no easy feat. Along with making sure day-to-day operations run smoothly, you must also find the best service and support companies to work with. This is often easier said than done since many companies talk a good game but fail to deliver when the time comes. One thing that’s crucial with spindle repair is how comprehensive service actually is. In general, quality repairs must include:

  • Precision Balancing – When machinery is off-balance, the final product suffers. And when precision is at stake, you can’t risk using a machine that’s even a millimeter off its target.
  • Thrust Bearing Surfaces – Thrust bearing surfaces may become damaged during operation. In some cases, thrust bearings can be repaired, but in others, they must be replaced. A knowledgeable company will be able to tell the difference.
  • Tool Interfaces – This includes things like tapers and threaded studs, which can also take a beating over time. Tool interfaces allow you to get more out of your equipment, which in turn increases the number of clients you can assist.
  • Sensors – The repair of sensors requires a delicate touch. In this case, Hall Effect sensors, which are used for positioning and speed detection, must be addressed when your air bearing spindle is being repaired.

It’s also crucial that a company can repair a wide variety of spindle brands. This typically includes Westwind, Accretech, Disco, Colibri, Yaskawa, among many others.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

Along with the quality of the repairs offered, also consider a facility’s testing and assembly process. For the best results, the repair facility you choose should offer a preliminary geometric inspection as the equipment is disassembled. Some even go above and beyond by creating a digital record of each component. This makes for a more accurate quote process.

When the equipment is fully repaired and reassembled, it should be tested using the exact conditions of your machine shop. Additionally, results of testing must be provided to the client once they’re logged. That way you can rest assured that you’re receiving a quality product.

Reliable CNC Spindle Bearing Replacement

cnc spindle bearing replacementAre you in need of CNC spindle bearing replacement or repairs in Taylor, MI and aren’t sure where to turn? If so, ISO-certified Superior Spindle Service has a solution for you.

With more than a century of experience, our company has served multiple industries, including automotive, optical, mold manufacturing, aerospace, heavy construction equipment, appliance, and many others.

Along with a range of spindle repair services, we can also help you implement design improvements to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your machine shop. Additionally, all our spindles come with a warranty that equals those offered by the OEM, for up to one year from the date your item was shipped.

Visit us online to learn more about the full listing of services. You can also conveniently request a quote from our website or call for more information. In addition to our Taylor plant, we also have a Mexico facility, which can be reached by calling (877) 946-7400.


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