Okuma Spindle Repair

No one can afford to waste time when an unexpected CNC Okuma spindle repair slows down the operation in today’s competitive market. Getting fast, accurate, and reliable spindle repair or rebuilding can prove challenging. You can count on Superior Spindle to provide a transparent, customer-centered approach to getting you back up and running quickly and cost-effectively. 

Why Do You Need Okuma Spindle Repair?

A variety of factors can lead to you needing spindle repairs. Spindles might fail due to exposure to contaminants because of faulty seals or lack of lubrication caused by a problem with the machine tool. Whatever the cause, the important thing is to diagnose the problem and correct it as fast as possible.

Benefits of Spindle Repair

Spindle repair is often the preferred route because it allows the customer to receive a thoroughly tested, up-to-date spindle for a reasonable cost. The diagnostic process can also reveal potential problems with the cutting tool itself and may help prevent more, even costlier, breakdowns in the future. Understanding what went wrong with the spindle can lead to revised procedures that can help shop owners realize greater efficiency and profits over time.

Repair vs Replacement

When a spindle needs repairs, shop owners who depend on every piece of equipment to fill orders on tight production schedules can be a significant problem. No one can afford a lengthy wait while the repair company tries to determine the extent of the damage and the cost of getting the spindle back online. At the same time, replacing the spindle out of desperation is often an unnecessary waste of money.

The shop owner needs to weigh several factors carefully before deciding whether to replace or repair the spindle.

  • Will the repaired spindle meet or exceed OEM specifications? Having a subpar result because the repair company used substandard replacement parts will usually cause more problems.
  • What will the warranty for the repaired spindle cover? A cheap fix often comes with little or no service after the repair, which could leave you in worse shape than you started.
  • How quickly can the repair company have the spindle back to you and operational? An upfront and precise company about turnaround times is invaluable to a shop owner trying to calculate losses due to a broken spindle.
  • Is the repair team qualified to do the job? Diagnosing and accurately repairing spindles takes extensive experience and training. Make sure the company you select is up to the job.

Why Superior Spindle for Spindle Repair?

Superior Spindle is the clear choice for helping you solve your spindle problems and getting you back up and running again. We are transparent in everything we do, so you have the information you need to make the right decisions and get your machine operational again without wasting time or money.

At Superior Spindle, our team of experts will quickly diagnose your spindle problem. It could only require a simple repair, or it could be something requiring more extensive work. Whatever the case, you can rest assured that we will be upfront about the turnaround and cost associated with the job. We provide a full written quote for standard repair (typical turnaround 10-14 days), or in emergencies where time is of the essence, we offer expedited repairs.

Our in-house technicians use only the best quality parts to provide you with an ISO-documented spindle that is usually better than the original. Our precision machine shop is capable of manufacturing spindle shafts and other components to OEM specifications or better. Because we have such extensive experience in repairing and rebuilding spindles, we can help guide you on the most economical and efficient route to get back in business.


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