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Restore your CNC machine with minimal downtime and the highest levels of efficiency with Superior Spindle rebuild and repair services. Our ISO-documented spindle rebuild procedures are leaders in the industry and help you keep your equipment running to meet your deadlines. Explore our services and the benefits of receiving machine spindle repair services vs. ordering a new spindle.

Our Spindle Services

Spindles undergo extreme pressure, friction, and wear as they operate in your industrial equipment. Whether your CNC machine is used in a high-output line or part of a custom-order process, the machine spindles are a critical area of maintenance. Explore the steps we take in our spindle rebuild and repair services to keep your equipment functioning.

Spindle Rebuild

If you notice a component that’s operating inefficiently, it may be time for a rebuild. Spindles that require a rebuild may not necessarily be broken or unusable, but request this service when your equipment exceeds your error tolerance or experiences a decrease in manufacturing speed. Here are the ISO-documented steps we take to restore your spindles:

  1. Your component is pre-tested for vibration, pull force, run out, air purge flow and other aspects to determine the inefficiencies affecting your CNC machine.
  2. The entire spindle is disassembled, being documented throughout the process, to prepare for the rebuild.
  3. We use our comprehensive inventory to source OEM replacement components for your spindle. Any component that doesn’t need to be replaced is thoroughly cleaned and lubricated before assembly.
  4. You will receive a cost estimate for the rebuild service.
  5. As part of the rebuild process, we look for ways to improve product quality and cycle time to create optimal tolerances in this high-wear component.
  6. Our team rebuilds tests and returns your spindle in 10-14 business days. If this timeline is too slow, ask about our expedited services for emergency services.

Every step in the process is handled with care by highly trained technicians. Be sure to work with an ISO-certified shop to meet strict international performance standards.

Spindle Repair

A repair service is often needed when spindles experience extensive damage. Major damage to the exterior or interior of a spindle requires additional parts to be ordered and replaced. Our team at Superior Spindle performs this process with the same commitment to OEM quality and high-tolerance performance.

Comprehensive Inventory and Expertise

There are two major factors in the speed and efficiency of a spindle rebuild project: Available inventory and expertise of the technicians. We carry a range of components from leading manufacturers to quickly restore OEM performance for your spindles. Having the right parts on hand helps us avoid time-consuming orders.

Our highly trained technicians perform spindle repair and rebuild services in one of our Class 10,000 HEPA climate-controlled clean rooms. These rooms are just one aspect of our state-of-the-art testing and run-in services. The latest training and equipment prepares our team for high-frequency, high-speed spindles from all manufacturers.

Benefits of Superior Spindle Services

An inefficient spindle rebuild service delays your manufacturing process and produces subpar tolerances in your components. For many industries, this means parts that must be rejected and orders that may be delayed. Receive these benefits by working with a leader in spindle services for your manufacturing needs:

  • Accelerated repair timeline
  • Restored factory original performance
  • Affordable alternative to spindle replacement
  • Improved cycle time
  • Long-lasting components

These benefits can be generalized to every spindle rebuild service, but our team offers personalized services for your particular industry and spindle type. The type of spindle or series of spindles you need to be repaired determines the precise steps and components needed to restore your equipment and improve your business operations.

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