What Are CNC Machines Used For

what are cnc machines used for

Types of Spindles for CNC Machines

For such a small, unassuming part, spindles have an incredible variety of specifications that can dramatically change their effectiveness. Choose the best spindles and spindle repair services with Superior Spindle Services. Whether you’re looking for ultra-precise or ultra-strong, you should carefully consider the types of spindles you need for your CNC machines. Keep your machines running efficiently so you can manufacture low cost, high quality parts.

Common Spindle Types

Each spindle type is activated in a different way, which can affect the overall performance of the spindle and your CNC machine. Some are engineered to move with less noise, while others focus on durability. Here are three main spindle types to consider for your CNC machines:


  • Inline Spindles: Coupled to the motor, these spindles are some of the quietest and smoothest spindles. You’ll enjoy great surface finishing with these convenient spindles.
  • Gear-Driven Spindles: An older variety, gear-driven spindles tend to produce more noise and break down more often, requiring costly maintenance.
  • Belt-Driven Spindles: The new and improved response to gear-driven spindles, these offer easier maintenance and a smoother design.
  • Built-in Motorized: Both the motor and the spindle are combined with this high-speed alternative. Fast-paced with high torque, choose this premium option for specialized projects.


Spindle Repairs and Replacement

Different types of spindles are used for different applications, and improper spindle use can result in maintenance issues. Don’t spend time waiting for your replacement spindles to arrive and be fitted. Contact a spindle service provider that is capable of not only ordering and installing replacement spindles, but also analyzing the failure, selecting the appropriate alternative and engineering upgrades and improvements to the typical spindle designs.

Contact Superior Spindle Services to discover the best types of spindles for your manufacturing process. With a wide variety of industries using these versatile machines, our expert technicians are able to identify the correct spindle and provide the repair or replacement services you need.

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