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When you’re in need of superior spindle replacement, repair or remanufacturing you owe it to yourself to work with a company that offers superior service. Know that Superior Spindle is known for providing exemplary customer service and quality results.

You Deserve Nothing Short of the Best

spindle replacement

No matter what kind of spindle replacement service you need, it should be done to the highest of standards. Superior Spindle has the experience and commitment to excellence necessary to service a variety of spindles. Even better is the fact that all spindle brands are covered by a one-year warranty.

Some of the brands we repair include:

  • Abrasive
  • Cincinnati
  • Leblond Makino
  • Newall
  • Gallmeyer & Livingston
  • Van Norman

Something else that enables us to provide our customers with superior service is the fact that we’ve developed close relationships with original equipment manufacturers to maximize savings and your profits. Our hope is that you’ll get as much use as possible from your spindle and decrease your overall workload.

Quick Work Done Right

Spindle replacement and repair

While we do quick repair work, know that it’s done to exacting standards, so we can deliver the results we’ve become known for in our industry. Our staff has more than a solid century’s worth of combined experience, and we’ve used that experience to perfect our process.

Specifically, our process involves carefully checking the work we perform to ensure it won’t fail earlier than expected. We also do everything possible to make sure you enjoy the most up-to-date technology and repair/manufacturing methods for spindles. Our technicians also utilize special testing cells for high-frequency and high-speed spindles, better allowing us to handle the job faster.

Diving a bit deeper into our repair work, we offer standard repair, which comes with a lead time ranging from 10 to 14 business days. We can also provide you with an emergency repair, giving you a quote the same day we receive your product. Emergency lead time is anywhere from one to three business days.

Know That We’re ISO-Certified

Another fact we like to share with current and potential customers is the fact that we’re ISO-certified. What that means is our facilities, as well as our processes, are top notch. We’ve also been assessed by NSF International Strategic Registrations, so we know beyond a shadow of the doubt the way we work and the tools we use are beyond approach. Our goal is to exceed the most current expectations rather than just meet them.

For your peace of mind, know that our repair service processes have been documented by the ISO. Those processes also include thorough assurance measures for flawless performance. You can find our Certificate of Registration here on our site.

Don’t Hesitate To Learn More

Have you been struggling to find a great company to handle all your spindle replacement and remanufacturing, sales and repairs? Superior Spindle is here to put an end to your search. Whenever you’re ready, fill out and submit a Contact Us form while you’re here on our online home. You can also reach out to one of our representatives by calling 734-224-4778. We look forward to showing you just why we’re well-known for delivering impeccable service!

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